Storyline Jack Forté//Bishop IWT Summerslam Video

Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by DK James, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. In one weeks time, IWT is about to see one of the most anticipated matches in a long time. Both Bishop and Jack Forté have agreed to put almost everything on the table. For Bishop, he has put his career on the line, failure is not an option. For Jack, he has put his legacy on the line. Forté's Hall of Fame ring, the Intercontinental Title, Bishop's career, all of this will be put at stake at IWT Summerslam, the biggest show of the year....

    This is gonna be a war...

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  2. Preship better be ready
  3. that was fuckin sweet. not as good as this tho
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  4. Thanks fam haha but yea thats one of my favorite things ive ever made.
  5. I like that my graphic was, at the end.

    But both were amazing.
  6. Was expecting your Money In The Bank promo, way to let me down.
  7. thats for bigger occasions