Storyline Jack Forté Is Dead Meat

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  1. *The scene opens up in the parking lot where we see Bishop talking to a couple buddies of his. Bishop is in street wear and is smoking a cigarette as him and his acquaintances converse. Bishop notices a camera man approaching and pats both his buddies on the shoulder before pointing down the lot and they nod and walk away. Bishop turns and looks at the camera as he leans against the hood of a car while smoking the cigarette.*

    "I knew y'all would come lookin for me eventually...nosy ass niggas. I been doin a lot of thinkin the last few days after bein eliminated from the tournament..."

    *He takes a drag of the cigarette and blows a cloud of smoke then scratches his head.*

    "There ain't no hiding the fact that I got beat fair and square by that dude from the Bitchin Club. I ain't gonna stand here and make excuses, I ain't gonna bitch and moan like them dudes, Im standin here as a man ownin up to a minor setback in my career. But you know what I ain't sweatin it cause through all of my thinkin I realized now that I'm outta the way, it's gon be that punk James Dragon vs Scott Fargo in the finals to see who gets to hold that shiny new gold..."

    *He chuckles real quick and takes another drag of the cig before continuing.*

    "Those fools might implode on their own just like that. I can already picture them dudes talkin this over and pretendin like their match is just gonna be friendly competition and they're not gonna let this be personal and they're gonna be stronger afterwards and this and that. That's a bunch of BULLshit. Obviously both those dudes are inexperienced in the aspect of being a champion because it don't matter whether it's family or best friends or whoever, if there's gold involved, you better MAKE that shit personal! You better go 100% at each other or neither of y'all deserve the title in the first place! Who would be able to respect a champion that doesn't give it their all in every match? I don't give a damn and the fans certainly don't give a damn how much you two goofballs respect each other, we wanna see a fuckin fight. This is a match for a NEW IWT Title, a chance to start a brand new legacy. Wouldn't that be dope for one of y'all to be able to cement your name into IWT history forever?! Prove that you want it....prove to ME that you fuckboys aren't going to take this lightly. Put aside your lame alliance for one night and show that y'all deserve it all....otherwise that gold will be taken from you faster than you got it cause theres always gonna be someone hungrier than both of you..."

    *He finishes his cig and flicks it on the ground. He looks away from the camera and begins to speak again.*

    "But you didn't come here to hear me give career advice, did you...the world wants to know "What's Next For Bishop???""

    *He chuckles and looks back to the camera.*

    "I thought it was obvious...I'm gon beat the fuck out of Jack Forté at the next chance I get. That's it. I don't know what the hell else y'all want."

    Camera Man (mumbling behind the camera): Most people were wondering what your plans were for the upcoming Uprising Pay-Per-View?

    *Bishop laughs and shakes his head and takes a deep breath.*

    "Once again the corporate big heads think it's a good idea to leave yours truly off the card. Damn fools...have they not learned that no matter whether I'm on the card or not imma show up and leave my mark. Unfortunately for Jack Forté that is not great news but I'm sure he already knew I'm always one step behind him, ready to make my move... but you know like I said, I been thinkin. I noticed the main event of the card happens to be Dragon/Fargo and a lil farther down I see Danny Jacobs vs Arno Frye...who the fuck wants to see that? Arno Frye ain't gonna be shit in this company, who thought it'd be a good idea to let him get slaughtered on live PPV? Michael's dumb ass probably."

    *Bishop taps on the camera lens and stares straight into it.*

    "You see me, Michael? You finally know what I'm here for yet? You ready to step up and put me on the damn show? Then put me against Bitchin Boy #3 Danny Jacobs...Bishop vs Danny boy has a lot better ring to it, don't chu think? I can do your job better than you, shit. The Bullad Club thought they were done wit me by havin Dragon do the dirty work and take me down but he didn't do enough damage... Im still here lookin to be a pain in their asses because they've done nothin but fuck up my plans since I got to this place so I'll be damned if I don't do the same to them."

    "Fuck whatever piece of paper they signed, I'm comin for Danny Jacobs at Uprising whether I'm in an official match wit him or not, his ass is mine...and after I'm done with him, we goin to Summerslam right? *He chuckles* sounds like it's gon be time for me to finally get some gold on my waist cause im takin Jack Forté's title and i'm endin his long career like someone shoulda done a while ago."

    *He stands up straight and cracks his neck before looking back into the camera.*

    "Uprising. Danny Jacobs vs Bishop one on one. I know the world wanna see me kick some Bullad Club ass on live PPV. Summerslam. Jack Forté vs Bishop. Intercontinental Title. It's time to put the old boy to rest.... Bout to turn your boy into a 1x champ. By the end of 2016, the Bullad Club is gonna be nothin but a memory, Jack Forté is gonna be announcin his retirement and yours truly is goin to be at the top of this mother fucker with the Intercontinental gold on my waist. Preach."

    *He pulls another cigarette out of his pocket and lights it with a lighter before walking away from the camera and hopping in his car. The car turns on and he pulls out of the parking space and drives past the cameraman as the scene fades to black.*
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