Storyline Jack Lux on Braeden Cross

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  1. *Backstage, an interviewer is with Jack Lux in his locker room*

    Interviewer: Mr. Lux, you last week made an open challenge for a match at IWT Survival, your challenge was answered by Braeden Cross, a man who has admitted that he was a fan of yours. Please take us through your mind knowing you'll have to face a former fan.

    Jack Lux: I'm going to approach this match just like I would all the other matches I've had in the past. Just because he is a fan or was fan of me, doesn't mean I'll go easy on him. The only pro I can think of that he has is that he gets the best seat in the house to watch his favorite wrestler.

    Interviewer: Is it true that just five years ago, that you made a quote on quote hostile comment towards Braeden Cross.

    Jack Lux: You know what someone say can be very easily taken out of context. What I said to Braeden Cross was meant as a joke... a joke which I remember him laughing at before I signed an 8x10 for him, so I don't know why he thinks five fucking years after the fact that I said it in a hostile way.

    Interviewer: Mentally who do you think has the advantage.

    Jack Lux: No wrestler will admit to losing in the way of mind games. Personally of course I believe that I have the advantage being that I'm his childhood hero the chances of him choking in the match will most likely go up.

    Interviewer: Alright Mr. Lux, last question. If I was Braeden Cross what would say to me now.

    Jack Lux: I'd tell you that I don't know what your deal is or what you remember from that day five year ago which is why you hold this grudge, but want to know I want a response from you soon, so I can clear the air.

    Interviewer: Thanks for your time Mr. Lux

    Jack Lux: No problem, anytime.

    *The Interviewer leaves Jack Lux's locker room, leaving Lux alone on his phone*