Jack Swagger

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  1. Will he show up on Monday? Is the US or IC even going to be defended at EC or WM?
  2. Funkasaurus to take US belt off Swagger at the EC with no build
  3. I don't think it'll be defended at EC but on WM, maybe. It'd a good match with Swagger against Ryder.
  4. Tyder will be back Monday guarenteed. If not, then the following Monday after EC.
  5. Ryder vs Swagger at EC with one show build up? Sounds like an awesome feud. :facepalm:
  6. Ryder is selling a broken back, or am I mistaking? He's not coming back any time soon
  7. They said it wasn't a broken back on SmackDown.
  8. They wasted 30 minutes of Raw in back to back weeks showing his stupid ass getting ambulance'd off.. if he pops back up less than a month later I'll give up all hope in WWE, honestly.
  9. I don't blame you.
  10. Swagger did squash Santino this week on Superstars, but lost to R-Truth the week before...

    Not really important, but interesting.
  11. It took HBK four years to sell a broken back. They're still wiping Vince's HBK stains from his wall

    Seriously, the things HBK got away with. If Ryder returns from a broken back already.... HBK will lose his smile
    He's probably changing his Dad's tire's as we speak....

    "Counter Clockwise, Zack, you're turning it the wrong way!"
  12. :laugh:
  13. Ryder's Dad >> Ryder
  14. Ryder's Dad is SIICCKKKK
  15. ... especially since Zack still lives with him
  16. I'd love to live in the Ryder household. I'd just party with Big O all day.
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