Jake's Open Challenge

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  1. "Last Man Standing" by Pop Evil plays as Jake Woods walks out, a black cape on with his ring attire on too. Jake has a smile on his face as he gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. Woods also has his hair spiked up. Jake looks left, right and then stares at the ring. After a few moments, he runs down to the ring and slides in. Jake quickly pops up to his feet and requests a microphone. He receives one and begins to speak.

    Jake Woods: "First off, I would like you people to keep cheering me on. It's the only thing that keeps me going around here!"​

    Jake tries to get the crowd fired up and does so successfully. He then pauses before laughing.

    Jake Woods: "Wow, I just forgot. B. Dazzle made a mistake a while back and dumped me as his tag team partner. I don't have to be the guy who says I came for you guys. But, it doesn't exactly mean I'm going to be an asshole like I used to be."​

    The fans once again give Jake a mixed reaction as Jake Woods smiles.

    Jake Woods: "...Onto other matters...it's been awhile since you've guys seen me. Don't think I'd ever let myself go down in history as the guy who has 2 matches and left. I'm going to go down in the history of IWT as the best of the best, the greatest wrestler to ever step foot in this ring. I'm gonna work my hardest to be the best, no matter the challenges, no matter the doubters, no matter what. So..I want somebody backstage to come out here and be man enough to challenge me to a match. Do I care what the match type is? Not at all. Do I care who decides to make their way out here? Hell no. And why? Because, I've trained for this all my life, I've practiced for the moment I walked through the doors, into a company like this. If you doubt my ability, you're wrong. Unlike me, you haven't been training for this for your life. But, I'm not lying when I say I have. So, come on. Anybody. I want somebody to grow a pair and challenge me! Come on out! I'm waiting for ya!"​

    The crowd begins to clap, excited to see who accepts the challenge.

  2. OOC: I could face you in a dark match. I'm not doing any public matches/promos till I officially return.
  3. OOC - Prefer not to have a dark match

  4. OOC: Forgot to mention,any "open challenges" must be PM'd to Jono and he must accept before they're official.
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  7. *Lucas Hacksaw walks out to a loud pop*​
    I respect you because unlike a lot of people around here, you have actually tried hard to get to where you're at. You will go through any match to prove to the great fans of IWT that you deserve a shot, just like myself. In fact, we are very alike. A lot of people around here are just too arrogant to even bother trying in their matches, they expect everything to be handed to them, they want everyone to go easy on them which turns the fans against them, which turns me against them and quite frankly ruins the entertainment of IWT. I haven't seen your matches but i'm pretty sure you are nothing like that. I want a fight and by the sounds of it, you want a fight. Lets do this.​
    However before we do, I must say something. As much as I respect you for your efforts, I feel you are getting a little big headed. I don't like big headed people so take this advice, don't think you are the best because you're not. You didn't say you were but we can all tell that you think you are. You are aiming to be the best, I have no problem with that. I have a problem with you thinking you are better than everyone else. ​
  8. You call this a challenge?

    A challenge is when people want to see car crashes and big explosions and they want to see guys fight and bleed and have sex with the other guy’s girlfriend.
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  9. Jake Woods: "First of all, I'm glad that the person who decided to accept my challenge isn't an obnoxious jerk. He knows enough to show me respect while I know enough to show him respect. So we respect each other, that's nice. But, when it comes down to our match, respect or no respect it doesn't matter. The better man wins. I do think I'm the better man but hey, you never know. It seems we both already have the support of the fans so neither of us have anything to lose but we have tons to gain. This is just the start of my road to the IWT Championship. And on this road, there is no stop signs, there is no road blocks, I'm heading straight to the end of the road. And incasse you don't know what the end of the road is, it's becoming an IWT Legend. I believe it's going to happen, all the fans do and you should too. Maybe, you could join me in my path to the top, if you'd like but afterall, it is your choice. Trust me, you'd regret declining the offer.

    But, about this big headed thing....do you expect me to think I'm not as good as any of you? No, you don't expect it from anybody backstage so don't expect to hear it from me. Wrestling is nothing without a little confidence. Anyways, I'm far from the best but I'm aiming to be it. Everybody aims to be the best. But, there's a difference between me and "everybody". They are aiming to be the best, but they won't ever get close. Me...well, trust me I'll never become the best but I'll certainly become one of the best. And, I can accept that. Who wouldn't? It's better to be one of the best than fight two matches and leave as a nobody, a no-name. This fight will prove I'm a force to be reckoned with but I suggest you bring your A game, because I'm obviously bringing mine."

    A "Let's go Jake! Jake Woods sucks!" chant begins with more of the fans leaning towards the "Jake Woods sucks!" side. Jake smiles as looks around. He then looks Lucas in the eyes and seems to whisper "Good luck."
  10. I'm not too sure what to say right now. I guess I was a little bit too harsh about your arrogance because compared to others, you aren't that bad so I apologize but this doesn't end as a love story, it will end in a fight to see who the better person is. Who knows what could happen after, however i'm pretty sure we could both put on a great fight which is the only thing I care about right now. Good luck and I guess I will be seeing you in the match.

    *Lucas Hacksaw's theme hits as he walks backstage. Mixed reaction from the crowd*
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