James Dragon

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    Username: Yer Da.

    Availability: Most of the time

    Have you competed here before?: WHO TF!?

    Do you agree to the rules?: HOW TF!?
    Character Name:
    James Dragon

    6' 1" 220lbs

    Montreal, Canada

    Character Base/Appearance:
    Chris Jericho (Young)

    In-Ring Attire:
    Black tights with the red Bullad Club logo on one side and a red dragon that circles around the other leg. Black kneepads and boots with black kickpads that have "DRAGON" emblazoned vertically on the sides.

    Entrance Attire:
    Sparkly rave shirts with the BC logo on the back corresponding with the dominant colour.

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Actions:
    Twirls onto the stage with his arms extended as the crowd cheers his arrival. Struts down to the ring and on the apron, where he leans on the ropes for a few seconds before entering and 2Sweeting the crowd.

    Wrestling Style:
    Predominantly technical but a surprisingly vicious brawler if backed into a corner or attempting to put away an opponent.

    Finishing Move (Only 1):
    Fortuna - Package Fisherman Buster

    Signature Move(s) (3 Max.):
    Downward Spiral - Jumping back kick to the head followed by a spinning brainbuster
    Love Gun - Stunner
    Greatness Personified - Running basement dropkick, Dragon slides forward and lays next to his opponent, posing for the cameras (common signature)

    Elevated Boston Crab
    Fujiwara Armbar
    Cross Armbreaker
    Roll Through Single Leg Boston Crab
    Cobra Clutch
    Face lock

    Discuss Clothesline
    Elbow Smash
    Straight Jab
    High knee
    Step-up Enziguri
    Knife edge chop
    Rebound knee strike

    Flying Crossbody
    Missile Dropkick
    Elbow Drop
    Rope Assisted moonsault
    Springboard Forearm

    Snap Suplex
    Spike Piledriver
    Russian leg sweep
    Side headlock takedown
    Northern lights suplex
    German suplex
    Rope-hung neckbreaker
    Swinging neckbreaker
    Tiger bomb lungblower
    Tiger suplex

    Taunts (Optional):
    Poses with foot on opponent's throat
    Dusts Hands when close to victory
    Lies on his side lazily, yawning or smirking to antagonize opponents

    Ring Psych (Strategies/Mannerisms in ring):
    Formerly very vain and arrogant, Dragon has become more clean in his wrestling style. Whilst still flashy and flamboyant he focuses more on his 'Jack-Of-All trades" style, mixing in his mastery of technical abilities, brawling and high flying.

    -Since his cage match with Nick and title match with Forte, Dragon has developed a much cooler head and has no qualms about tapping into a more violent offence if need be.​
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