James E. Cornette rant RAW IS WAR 12.29.1997! OH PLEASE BRING HIM BACK!

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    We need him back to do this promo in the "state" of wrestling in 2014!

    Jim is a BOSS!
  2. "So they sit around all day listening to people from the internet, and the people on the internet wouldn't know a wristlock from a wrist watch!"
    So besides this line making it quite ironic for us to be discussing it here, I mean, yeah, bring back wrestling! Why wouldn't they make a fine in ring competitor such as Daniel Bryan the WWE Champion? I'm sick of corny guys like John Cena as WWE Champion! Oh, wait.:pity2:
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  3. Here's an excerpt from Kayfabe Commentaries of Cornette talking about the current state of wrestling:

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