James Storm and Bobby Roode Promo

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  1. 2:40

    F*cking Amazing!
  2. Watching again because I marked my tits off watching the first time.
  3. Tremendous promo and a great work by both man. No much words are required other than just watch it. #RealDeal

    Btw Crayo, f'n great Bobby F'N Roode sig. :ace:
  4. It was perfect until the very end. I didn't understand the need to bring up dead family members, especially since the show essentially ended at that point and they didn't even talk about it. Also if they were going to go the dead family route, Storm should have attacked him, because I don't think many guys would take those comments in stride and decide a forehead to forehead showdown was the way to go.

    Besides that though, top notch. 10/10
  5. Don't worry, Storm'll put a bullet in him on Sunday.
  6. I'm enjoying Bobby's reign so far.
    But I wouldn't mind if either were champion.
  7. I'm pulling for Bobby all the way. Storm getting a run is inevitable, so I just hope Bobby wins so we get a bit more of his run.
  8. I want him to retain as well.
    But if Storm win's I won't complain as long as the feud continues.