James Storm is the Leader of an Awakening

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    James Storm is scaring a lot of people in TNA right now... The decorated former champion has been using words like "awakening" and "revolution" for the past few weeks and has even, seemingly, brainwashed Sanada. Then, last week, the two took Manik from the ring after an X-Division matchup. This week, we saw Manik's condition.

    Tied to a support column in a barn, Storm promised Manik a new self - an "awakening" and began to abuse and unmask him, before he sent our cameras running from the property.

    The question we are asking, and Storm isn't answering is: "what is the Endgame here?" What could it be that James Storm is doing with these men and how will it effect IMPACT? How do these mean play into Storm's "revolution" and what is the ultimate goal? Is it a World Title? Or something far sinister? Only Storm knows his motive - and chances are he's not telling. Yet...


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