Jaxxus at the Slammys

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  1. *Jaxxus is in the front row watching the promos of the people, wondering when his time will be*
    Jaxxus: What about me in 2014? Instead of Victoria, Adam, Champ or others? It's him out on top. You'll see.
    *Jaxxus jumps out of the front row and demands to speak*
    Jaxxus: @Jonathan I demand my rights to speak, damn it. I want you to come out here and talk to me mano e mano (man vs man) face to face, right NOW!
    *Jaxxus doesn't see Jonathan come down so he dares him*
    Jaxxus: Come on, I dare you to a match. right now. Huh, I want a challenge, right here, right now. I refuse to leave until you come here. COME ON, *Jaxxus laughs Maniacally*
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