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    This is BTB that I am reviving as like a 3rd TV Competitor with WWE & TNA. I'll post Dirtsheets & more. There will also be details on how YOU can become a superstar in the roster!

    General Manager & Co-Founder of JCF: Brad Maddox
    Assistant to the General Manager: Briley Pierce


    Commentator #1: Jim Ross
    Commentator #2: Joey Styles
    Commentator #3: Tommy Dreamer
    Ring Announcer #1: Jillian Hall
    Ring Announcer #2: Nolan Watchorn

    Wrestlers (45 Minimum for now, Not all will be used right away, may seem like a lot but I have my purpose)
    1. ACH​
    2. AR Fox​
    3. Adam Cole​
    4. Adam Thornstowe​
    5. Alex Shelley​
    6. AJ Styles​
    7. Akira Tozawa​
    8. "Robocop" Alex Murphy​
    9. B-Boy​
    10. Brian Cage​
    11. Brian Kendrick​
    12. BxB Hulk​
    13. Chris Hero​
    14. Chuck Taylor​
    15. Cody Hall​
    16. Colt Cabana​
    17. CM Punk​
    18. DOC Gallows​
    19. Drake Younger​
    20. Jay Lethal​
    21. Joey Ryan​
    22. Johnny Gargano​
    23. "Machine Gun" Karl Anderson​
    24. KENTA​
    25. Kevin Steen​
    26. Kota Ibushi​
    27. Kyle O'Reilly​
    28. Matt Hardy​
    29. Matt Jackson​
    30. Michael Elgin​
    31. Nick Jackson​
    32. Paul London​
    33. Prince Fergal Devitt​
    34. Roderick Strong​
    35. Scorpio Sky​
    36. Shelton Benjamin​
    37. Ted DiBiase Jr.​
    38. Trent Barretta​
    1. Anya - Mother Russia​
    2. Awesome Kong​
    3. Candice LeRae​
    4. Maria Kanellis​
    5. Taeler Hendrix​
    6. Tara AKA Victoria​
    1. Mike Bennett - lel
    2. Mike Haggar - Final Fight character
    3. Scott Hero - First ever Ignition winner. Returning.
    4. Zangief - Street Fighter character
    Tag Teams

    Other Staff
    Pat Novak
    Dr. Shelby
    Rick Knox the Referee
    JCF Championship
    -AJ Styles-

    JCF World Heavyweight Championship

    JCF Vortex Championship
    -AR Fox-

    JCF United States Championship

    JCF Tag Team Championship
    -Young Bucks-

    JCF Playboy Championship

    5/4/2014 - Gorefest (My childhood PPV that I made when I was 10)
    6/1/2014 - Days of Future Past (OMG X-Men themed)
    6/29/2014 - Extinction (OMG Transformers 4 themed)
    7/20/2014 - World War 3
    8/17/2014 - Dream On
    9/21/2014 - Labyrinth
    10/26/2014 - Who's Next?
    11/23/2014 - Kyle's Tokyo Monster Bash (Inside joke between Me & @Liquid7778)
    12/13/2014 & 12/14/2014 - Weekend Warriors
    1/?/2015 - SurViVal Of The Sickest
    2/?/2015 - No Escape
    4/?/2015 - Mount Olympus

    TV Schedule
    Monday Night Mayhem - All Superstars
    Friday Night Storm - All Superstars (Will change the tuesday if Smackdown goes live)
    Ignition - I will also like to post these on the days NXT comes out.

    Any suggestions other than the number of the roster? Anything?

    First show is probably going to be the night after 'Mania.​
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  2. I'm a better ring announcer than Justin Roberts ever will be.
  3. Nolan Watchorn >>>>> Lilian Garcia's horse face.
  4. JCF Mayhem: First Show Schedule
    1. Brad Maddox will introduce the fans to JCF. There will be a 16-Man Tournament. The finals will be at One Night Stand which will be hosted by an ECW Original. Briley Pierce is also scheduled to appear.
  5. Match Card for "The Big Event"
    JCF Heavyweight Championship

    Chris Hero vs. AJ Styles vs. Kevin Steen vs. KENTA

    JCF Tag Team Championship
    Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson vs. CM Punk & Colt Cabana

    Prince Devitt & DOC & Matt Hardy vs. Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor & Trent Barretta

    Shelton Benjamin vs. Adam Thornstowe

    Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae vs. Scorpio Sky & Taeler Hendrix

    JCF Vortex Championship - 6-Man Ladder Match
    Adam Cole vs. Jay Lethal vs. Drake Younger vs. AR Fox vs. Kyle O'Reilly vs. Brian Kendrick

    Brian Cage vs. Paul London

    Brad Maddox will also make an announcement.

    Remember, this is only the first event and none of this will tie into the next day. It's just deciding who is going into it all with momentum.

  6. [​IMG]
    Where: Sioux City, Iowa
    Theme: No Theme

    *It shows the crowd going wild. The camera is spanning over the crowd and it spans around to the stage and the ring. It backs up the ramp and you get a full view at the millions of people in attendance for the debut show of the new & improved JCF*

    *Brad Maddox comes out with Briley Pierce. The fans cheer as he is the new GM of JCF. He is a former 3x Vortex Champion and a former 3x JCF Champion. He gets in the ring and grabs the mic*

    Brad Maddox: Well, hello everybody! *The crowd goes wild* I've done more in this company than anybody else....... I'm the only person in this company that's won the titles more than once. Everyone else only held the titles one time but me.... I broke records but sadly, the new "Investor" that has brought back JCF doesn't want any past history of JCF involved after that crucial family murdering by that fiend @Emperor Lelouch Britannia . Yes, Mr. Frank The Jock went on a killing spree and suffocated his whole family including Stummering ME after my main event match with Robert Downey Jr. who hosted MachinimaPalooza. Just to let you all know, Machinimapalooza II will be happening next year, alongside SurViVal of the Sickest and No Way Out. I have monumental things planned that I hope all of you love. Which, I will be crowning the official JCF Champion..... and the official of every other title that you people won't care for as much as the main one. Now...... without a doubt... I present to you......

    *Brad Maddox slowly gets out of the ring while the fans cheer. Briley is keeping his head down and Maddox nudges him on the way to the ramp. Briley shows Maddox something on his phone. Maddox looks surprised and turns around at the entrance of the ramp and he talks into the mic*

    Brad Maddox: And it looks like we have someone coming to the show tonight. Someone..... that none of us weren't expecting so... stay tuned! He could appear out of... anywhere.

    *He leaves with Briley*

    Match 1

    Brian Cage vs. Paul London

    Crucial Match Moments (Only doing Match Moments for now because I'm too lazy to write a whole match): Paul London went for a moonsault but Cage rolled out of the way and picked London up for the Weapon X. Paul London made a speech after the match saying that he challenges Cage to a rematch and this time Paul will have the Power Of The Cupcake on his side.

    Winner: Brian Cage - Match Rating: B+

    Match 2

    JCF Vortex Championship - 6-Man Ladder Match

    Adam Cole vs. Jay Lethal vs. Drake Younger vs. AR Fox vs. Kyle O'Reilly vs. Brian Kendrick

    Crucial Match Moments: Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole had an impressive bond in this whole match. Teaming up for the most part. AR Fox hit a Lo Mein Pain off the side of the ladder on Drake Younger. Brian Kendrick tried to weasel his way the win but Jay Lethal stopped him. Brian Kendrick hit a superplex with Jay Lethal to the outside onto a ladder causing them both to be out for the rest of the match. AR Fox came out with the win though after Kyle O'Reilly & Adam Cole both tried climbing up on the same side. Drake Younger got up and pushed the ladder but AR Fox hung on to the title and the strap of the title broke off causing Fox to win.

    Winner: AR Fox - Match Rating: A-
    Match 3

    Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae vs. Scorpio Sky & Taeler Hendrix

    Crucial Match Moments:
    Joey Ryan and Scorpio went at it.... full on hard :emoji_wink:. Taeler had to be carried out to a botched boobplex. Scorpio Sky won via the roll up on Candice.

    Winner: Scorpio Sky & Taeler Hendrix - Match Rating: C
    Match 4

    Shelton Benjamin vs. Adam Thornstowe

    Crucial Match Moments:
    Adam Thornstowe won with a huge powerbomb.

    Winner: Adam Thornstowe - Match Rating: C+
    Match 5 turned into a Segment

    Segment Included:
    A match postponed to Mayhem. Matt Hardy couldn't make the show so on Mayhem it'll be Gargano & Taylor & Barretta vs. Hardy & Devitt & DOC
    Match 5

    Tag Team Championship: Young Bucks vs. CM Punk & Colt Cabana

    Crucial Match Moments:
    Colt Cabana walked out alone. Young Bucks made their entrance 2nd. They double teamed on Colt til Punk came in through the crowd with street clothes on and ran into the ring. He was late to the show so he had no time to prepare. The match went on for a while but when Punk went for the GTS after Matt superkicked Colt off the apron. His jeans didn't allow him to hit it. He got hit by 2 superkicks and they both pinned him. The crowd was FLABBERGASTED.

    Winner: Young Bucks - Match Rating: A
    Match 6

    KENTA vs. Kevin Steen

    Crucial Match Moments:
    Kevin Steen and KENTA shaked hands before the match. KENTA went for an inverted Go 2 Sleep but Steen wouldn't allow him and turned it into a Package Piledriver for the win. The fans were off their seats this whole match. Streamers were everywhere after Steen kneeled over the unconscious KENTA.

    Winner: Kevin Steen - Match Rating: A+
    Match 7

    JCF Championship: AJ Styles vs. Chris Hero

    Crucial Match Moments:
    Lots of Elbows. I mean... LOTS. Lots of big boots. Lots of high flying. AJ Styles went for the Styles Clash off the top rope and Hero turned it into a roll up which AJ kicked out at a very close 3. The match went on for a good 30 minutes before AJ Styles got the win. Chris Hero shook his hand after the match but AJ went to walk away but Hero had a good hold on the hand and he pulled him in for an elbow. Leaving AJ Styles laid out in the center of the ring. Hero picked up the title and put it on AJ Styles' limp body.

    Winner: AJ Styles
    Segment 2 + Finale

    *The lights go out. They come back on and Akira Tozawa is standing over AJ Styles. The crowd is going wild. AKIRA IS IN JCF!!!!!*

  7. There will also be a brand split happening.
  8. Nice Starting show Jwab, Steen over KENTA? That's something I would see happening in real life but your BTB, interesting choice.
    Young Bucks over the Second City Saints as well, Nice Match.

    I like the way you summarise the match with the cruicial moments, Mayeb you could do the Main Event in full in the future?

    Overall Good show, Gorefest sounds like a Hardcore based Event, Am I right? Oh Yeah, Post those details on how to become a guy in your Promotion....
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  9. Ye. Gorefest was something I made up when I was 8 and I had toy wrasslers. I would drown them in ketchup and pretend that anything that wasn't in the wrestling ring was spikes.
  10. UPDATE

    • No OFFICIAL shows will be posted til probably 'Mania or when CiV gets me those logos.
    • JCF has signed a deal with OCP. The Novak Element will be a talk show in JCF. Also, "ROBOCOP" has been signed to a 1 year deal with Omnicorp testing out his pro wrasslin' abilities.
    • AJ STYLES vs. AKIRA TOZAWA will happen at Gorefest.
  11. [​IMG]

    Versus (Will serve as Mayhem & Storm while the Logos are being made)
    Sioux City, Iowa

    *Show starts off with The Novak Element*
    Pat Novak talks about why America is so robophobic and he introduces Omnicorp's Robocop: Alex Murphy for his match against Ted DiBiase Jr.

    Match 1
    Ted DiBiase Jr. vs. Robocop

    Robocop dominated with no feeling. Ted DiBiase got out of the path of Robocop and went for a huge dropkick but Robocop no sold it. Robocop sent DiBiase into the ropes at amazing speeds, Ted DiBiase came back like a bullet. Robocop just lifted up his knee right into the face of DiBiase (Not jumping or anything just lifted it up really high lol) DiBiase's head bounced off and he hit the ground like he just got shot.

    Segment 2
    Joey Ryan came out by himself and demanded Maddox out there. Joey Ryan said he is forgetting about Candice and anyone else and he wants a shot at the JCF All-Star Championship. Brad Maddox tells Joey that he can't just drop an invested storyline. He declines and Candice comes out and asks Joey what's wrong. He slaps her and they fight. Maddox makes the match after pulling Joey off and Joey gets back in his face.

    Match 2
    Joey Ryan vs. Candice LeRae

    Match Moments:
    Joey Ryan was just taking out the legs of Candice this whole match. He was ruthless. He hit her with 2 superkicks. 2 Pedigrees and a Mustache Ride. He didn't go for the pin, he just kept on attacking her legs trying to injure her. Maddox hopped on the apron and said "Please stop and actually wrestle." Joey Ryan spat in the face of Maddox. Maddox pushed Ryan into a roll up by LeRae. LeRae got the win. Joey Ryan gets pissed and tries to attack Candice but Maddox stands in front of her. Scorpio books it to the ring and Maddox thinks Scorpio is gonna help him but Scorpio and Joey smile. They both walk towards Maddox slowly but all of a sudden Briley jumps on the back of Joey Ryan. Scorpio tries to get Briley off of Scorpio but Maddox hits Scorpio with a Deal Breaker. Briley helps Candice out of the ring and Joey is beating on the turnbuckle.

    Vortex Champion, AR Fox, comes out and talks about how it's fun and he loves to defend his title and he wants to notify the fans that every match a Vortex Champion participates in has to have at least 4 people in it and he wants 3 challengers to come out right now!

    Match 4
    AR Fox vs. Drake Younger vs. Jay Lethal vs. Brian Kendrick

    Match Moments:
    It's a pretty good 10 minute match til everyone is laid out in the ring except for AR Fox and Younger. All of a sudden, Futureshock hits the ring. Adam Cole attacks AR Fox while O'Reilly attacks the legs of Younger. Jay Lethal gets up but Reilly and Cole downright attack him. Reilly takes Lethal to the outside. Cole is switching each target. Hits a punch on each person. Kendrick gets up but Cole doesn't pay attention to him. Kendrick tries to sneak up behind Cole. Younger grabs the foot of Kendrick. Cole turns around and hits a superkick on Kendrick. Younger is pushing off of Kendrick trying to get up..... Cole goes for a kick to the head but YOUNGER DODGES IT! Younger grabs Cole.....HE HITS HIS FINISHER... DRAKE'S LANDING. O'Reilly looks shocked. He gets into the ring and Younger is fighting back. Cole is seen holding his neck in pain. Security rushes to the ring and breaks everyone up and they start taking each person away. O'Reilly slips out through the crowd with Cole in hand. Jay Lethal is seen sitting there resting his head on the ground next to the barricade after the beatdown. AR Fox challenges Future Shock to a tag team match next week.

    Scott Hall shows up with Nolan Watchorn getting ready to interview him. Nolan Watchorn asks about how his son will do in his debut match. Scott Hall takes a drink of scotch and Cody Hall shows up and drags his dad away and tells him that he shouldn't be drinking. Cody Hall tells Nolan that WE'LL do fine.

    Match 5
    Cody Hall w/ Scott Hall vs. Shelton Benjamin

    Match Moments:
    Shelton Benjamin did an amazing springboard crossbody that everybody loved for some reason. Shelton Benjamin hit the Paydirt but Scott Hall got up on the apron. Causing Cody to be able to kickout at 2. Cody didn't like how his dad was on the apron. He asked his dad to politely get down. Scott tried to argue but Cody yelled at his drunk dad. Scott got down. Cody turned around into a T-Bone Suplexe. Shelton gets the pin. Cody was pissed after the match.

    Kevin Steen grabs the mic from Nolan Watchorn and talks about how there isn't enough room for just one big title and that's why at Gorefest, the JCF WHC Title Belt will debut in a MEGA HARDCORE MATCH. Kevin Steen kicks the mic into the lights and the lights shatter. Brian Cage walks in and Paul London is right behind him with a feather. He is trying to tickle Cage but Cage doesn't feel it. They walk off.

    Match 6
    Adam Thornstowe vs. CM Punk

    Match Moments:
    Adam Thornstowe thought he had it at multiple times. Especially with the death valley driver. CM Punk kicked out of everything. Colt Cabana was cheering Punk the whole time. Punk hits a GTS and grabs the mic without pinning him and challenges the Young Bucks to a match at Gorefest for the Tag Titles. Thornstowe rolls up Punk for the 1,2,3! Bah gawd, what a swerve!

    Chris Hero shows up and he says that he knows that AJ beat him fair and square at Mt. Olympus. But, tonight, it's a chance to change everything and earn a spot in the JCF Championship match at Gorefest between AJ and Akira Tozawa. And if not the JCF Title, it'll be the JCF World Title.

    Match 7
    KENTA & Young Bucks vs. Alex Shelley & BxB Hulk & DOC

    Match Moments: KENTA came out and said that we need a warm-up for the last 2 matches of the evening. He challenged anyone in the back. Alex Shelley came out but then everyone else started coming out. Brad Maddox came out making a 6-Man tag. KENTA dominated most of the match with DOC until Young Bucks superkicked him and left him to dry. The fans were chanting "What the fuck" and "SUPERKICK PARTY". Alex Shelley and BxB Hulk did the most damage to KENTA but KENTA hit both of them with a running knee and dropkicked DOC off the apron. He picked up BxB Hulk and hit him with a GTS but Shelley came up to KENTA and hit a standing Sliced Bread. And got the win for his team.

    The only 2 of The Bullet Club show up and they decline their 6-man tag for the night. They said that Matt Hardy doesn't deserve to team with them and etc. etc. They say that next week, they will debut. And it will be against anyone... FIST.... Best Friends... anyone.

    Match 8
    AJ Styles vs. Chris Hero

    Match Moments:
    AJ Styles and Chris Hero put on a 5-star match. AJ went for a Spiral Tap but Hero moved out of the way. Hero went for an elbow but Akira came out of nowhere and hit a Yakuza Kick on Hero. Tozawa attacked Styles til Hero got back up and came up behind Akira and hit him with an elbow, knocking him out. Akira was laid out unconscious in the center of the ring. Chris helped AJ up and gave AJ the title. AJ got out of the ring and held the title towards the crowd but Hero knocked him right off the apron.

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