Jedi Master Farooq vs MrSackfist - Title Unification Match

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  1. Jedi Master Farooq

  2. Mr Sackfist

  1. General Manager Jonathan has announced the unification of championships that will take place during the next 3 months. Both of these dual champions have the most to lose as all four belts are on the line in a huge unification match. Two men walk in the match with four belts, only one will have his hand raised when all four belts are unified at the end. Farooq takes on Sackfist in the first series of unification matches.

    Million Dollar Title, Hardcore Title, Cruiserweight Title, and European Title Unification Match
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The following contest is a 2 promo battle match and is for the Million Dollar, Hardcore, Cruiserweight and European Championship!
    -Both competitors will have 2 promos each and 24 hours to submit them both
    -No pictures, videos, or live stream is allowed in the contest
    -At the end of the promo period an additional 24 hour will be used for voting polls.
    -The person with the most votes will be the winner.

    The match begins now! If you're ready to vote before the 24 hours is up for promoing, let me know.
  2. The crowd popped loudly as Farooq's music filled the arena. Each aisle cheering loudly, waiting for him to come out. "Introducing first, the Million Dollar Champion, and the Hardcore champion, from Houston, Texas, Farooq!!" The announcer said as Farooq made his way to the ramp. Farooq was wearing his ring gear, black tights and a Public Enemy shirt, he even had his black boots on as well. The Hardcore title on his right shoulder, and the Million dollar title on his left shoulder, Farooq made his way down the ramp as the fans there extended there arms, trying to touch him or wanting a high five. Farooq went to both sides the ramp, clapping hands with all the fans until he made his way to the bottom of the ramp. He made his way up the stairs as he entered the ring through the ropes. He handed the belts to the referee as he placed them next to the bell keeper. Farooq took his shirt off and threw it to the crowd as he asked the announcer for the microphone she was using, and she handed it to him with a smile.​
    "It is a true wonder to be back here in IWT ring." Farooq said with a smile as the crowd cheered. "Now the time for celebration is over, it is time for most possibility my most difficult task here, and that is against a fellow champion, a fellow double champion I may add, and that is Mr. Sackfist." Farooq said as the crowd continued to cheer. "To be fully honest, there isn't much I can say that's negative about my opponent, there truly isn't. I have watched everybody in IWT, and their matches. I have seen ones that are cheaters, liars, greedy, dishonorable, desperate, mentally questionable, and many many more stuff I could name, but my opponent, he's not any of these things. In fact, he makes the divison here, the 'midcard' division look like a true division which is what my goal is as well, it's the reason why I have those two championships in the first place. Of course, there may only be one, or none of mine after this match, but I'm not going to lie down and lose this match that easily."

    "Do I respect my opponent? Absolutely, but this here in the IWT, it's still a competition, and I have to win this match. I need to win this match to make sure completely that only the greatest are formed in this division, to make sure that we do not get anymore Gohans and Aids in the main event scene, because lets remember what happened when these two came into that scene." Farooq said as he pointed to the titantron which showed a photo of Gohan. "With Gohan, we got selfishness, greed, and dishonor. He was to selfish to step down form the main event scene and work on his skills, which was to come to this division here, that's what we champions are here for, to see how well you are. He was to greedy, he only wanted to have something he could not earn. He was dishonorable, he insulted our higher up, calling them ignorant names and swearing at them. Do we need more people like this in the main event scene here in IWT? No, no we do not."​
    "Now lets take a look at someone else." Farooq said as the titantron showed Aids. "Now this one has the same qualities as the last, but he is also disloyal. He is the same as Gohan, he was to selfish to get out of the main event scene, he was corrupted by greed, and he was dishonorable to Brit, and our fellow wrestlers as well, but Aids left our company for another company, just to return to this one again." Farooq said as the crowd booed. "Now let's show another wrestler shall we." Farooq said as the picture switched to Dat Kid. "This is the champion that I know we all deserve, one who has climbed the ladder, one who doesn't sit like a child and cry when he doesn't lose, one who doesn't let greed consume him, and one who would never leave our company to join another, this is a champion, and why? Because he went through the trials, the trials known as the midcard." Farooq said as the crowd cheered.​
    "Here in the United States of America, it's easy to be classified as an adult. The only thing you have to do is become the age of 18, but that's just a title. You are not a true adult unless you can go through trials, real trials, ones like holding a job, being financially successful, taking care of your family, treating others with respect where respect is due, and many many things. That's what the midcard is here, that's how it's going to be with me as the champion, the trials to form world champions, to form ones who will represent this company with honor, ones who will carry this company like no other, ones that will put on tremendous matches so that you the fans would enjoy to see over and over again, and I may never be champion forever, but for the time I am, I will make sure, 100% sure, that the fans here in IWT are coming back for more. Because as an James Bryce once said, 'The worth of a book, is to measured by what you can carry from it.' And with me as champion, you will carry lifetimes."​

  3. Champ steps out holding his cruiserweight title on his right shoulder and the euro title around his waistand removes his black sunglasses, walks to the ring and slides in wearing a black sleeveless hoody and white t-shirt. There he puts the European title on his free shoulder and looks at Farooq

    Well Farooq that was quite the lecture you gave there about the mid-card, felt like I was watching some anime character rant on about honor and values, however unlike Gohan, I am not that kind of guy. I have fought many people in this mid-card division, heck even those of the main event scene and beaten them all, but I, like you, remain in the mid-card because without us, IWT would be nothing, we are the guys that really made the champion Dat Kid who he is as you said. Throughout all of IWT I have waited and waited until I knew I would have my match against you, it was inevitable, however if you were to ask me if I would be competing against you in a title unification match, I would have shoved that chili dog you were holding into your face and said cut the BS. But yet here we are, the two guys that hold the Mid-Card on their shoulders, with these titles as a symbol of that, but Farooq the time has come for only one of us to continue as Mr Mid-Card, and Farooq I don't turn up to matches intending to lose.

    So I'll get right to the stats Farooq, so far in IWT, you have held 3 titles, while myself I only hold 2, however Farooq, I am still holding onto my two shiny shoulder medals, but the US title that now resides above Stopspot's Swedish meatballs. So in my book that is Sack 1, Farooq 0. Now the win/loss record, I have lost one bout but won 7. You like me have 1 win, but only 4 victories, so close Farooq, but no cigar, that means we have Sack - 2, Farooq - 0. Now the former champions, I took my titles from the champions FailFaceFTW and Jacob Colton, while you won both your titles against opponents due to the titles being vacated, you didn't beat a champion, you beat a contender. I think that is a win in my favor Farooq, so that is Sack - 3, Farooq - 0. Man you sure aren't getting a win here are you? I'll tell you what I'll do, just to make you feel like this isn't a total landslide, we'll throw in most star wars themed nickname, oh look at that it is Sack 3, Farooq 1, round of applause everybody!

    *Crowd Clap*

    So after the statistical analyses Farooq I have already beaten you, so I have beaten you mathematically, which every nerd knows is a total burn on you, amigo. So Farooq, while you are a great friend and I appreciate all the heart warming things you have said about me, I am afraid I can not reciprocate. I am Mr Mid-Card, I will continue to be Mr Mid-Card and face whoever that wants to tussle in ye ol' fisticuffs. Because what we have here are the richness of the million dollar title, unifying with the reckless carnage and violence of the Hardcore title, alongside with the high-flying and adrenaline fueled action of the cruiser-weight title and finally all that chaotic goodness unifies with the culture of the European Championship, the winner walks out with one title, unified of all the greatness from each title we hold here today. Now while one of us will walk out with that title, it takes a winner to hold the prestige that one title will leave with and Farooq, no disrespect, but that individual is Me
  4. "Before I begin, I just have to correct one thing...Public Enemy isn't Star Wars related....or related to anything created by George Lucas, it's a group of rappers from the east coast, in fact they are the ones that perform my entrance music." Farooq said as he let out a small shrug. "Now back to business, if you want to talk about wins, my first championship win was me beating Aids and Dat Kid, and other opponents, in just one simple match. When you look back into the US championship history, and it can never be changed, I was the first to lay the foundation with that championship. So that one point you gave to yourself, is now invalid since I defeated two future world champions, thus forwarding it even more that Aids wasn't ready for the main event scene. For the win/loss record, I will give that to you, you do have it, just a bit higher then I do, but I have beaten more people in one match then you have."

    "As for the championships I won, no I didn't beat the champions. Mainly because the Million Dollar Champion was to scared to fight after losing to a rookie, so he left. Don't give yourself that one point so easily though, as I recall I could have easily just kept the title with no competition whatsoever, but I didn't. I chose to fight an opponent, and not an easy one, but a difficult one. As for the Hardcore championship, that wasn't in my control. I beat Jacob because the belt was vacant since the champion before me disappeared. You can keep that point if you choose, but don't think that I am an easy target that you can throw your darts at. I have beaten many champions here, I have started made my name here, and I will continue to furbish the path ahead of me. I will take this bike of hard work and dedication up the steep hill of success. Unlike Aids, I will not have someone else push it up for me, unlike Gohan I will not push it either, I will make it up there riding, pedaling every inch, breaking into sweat because of the hard work it will take to get up there, pushing myself beyond my own limits, until I'm finally at the very top. No doubt that I will be tired, but I will not rest. I will continue to fight, and search for the next hill harder then this one and continue to push myself up."

    "You can continue to bring in math to this ring, but at the end, it's just gonna be about you and me. I didn't expect you to come in here thinking you were gonna lose, but everything has a reason, and today I will win for the reason being to bring to division to new heights. Not to lose both of my championships here tonight, because when I win, I have a special surprise for this division. One that will draw even more attention to here, one that will uplift this division into new heights, that not even the Lord himself could see. The story of your reign will come to end, but when a book ends another will be started, and that book that begins is me as the new full champion of this division." Farooq said as he looked at the crowd. "Right now this place we call IWT is in a spiral of a tornado, but with me as the champion, this will become the eye of the tornado, the place where the fans aren't scared to see, the one where they can relax just for a split second and enjoy this, the one that doesn't have them leave or change the channel."
  5. Woah Farooq, I think your incorrect, Gohan doesn't push a bicycle, I think you'll find he is the baddest tricycle rider of Buffalo, New York.

    Farooq this match is literally about double or nothing. We enter with two titles and one leaves with all 4 which will be unified to one. Now you can talk about a surprise, but you sound like some 80's game show host trying to entice participants to gamble away a sure thing for something mysterious. It is like that one episode of family guy, if people vote for you, they get the box, if they vote for me, they get the boat, why gamble away a sure thing for something that may or may not be a good thing for the mid-card division. You are the 1st ever US Champion, something I can't deny or take from you, but I am not, I repeat not going to pass the chance to be the individual to unify 4 championships into one. Every competitor I have beaten RiotRaven (Crowd shout "What!"), Rodrigo (Crowd shout "What!"), Jacob Colton (Crowd shout "What!"), Aids Johnson (Crowd shout "What!"), CM Punk (Crowd shout "What!"), FTJ (Crowd shout "What!") FailFaceFTW (Crowd shout "What!"), has lead me to this match, now our paths have crossed and only one of us is going to continue that path of mid-card greatness. The division where you are make or break your career and home to many, I will represent as the Champion. What I don't think you understand is with the titles being unified, we will have many more contenders, and I will be ready to face any individual whoever they are.

    All has been said, the Mid-Card is becoming a more prestigious division, where only one can rule, The Champion shall rule that division, he shall have to defend his crown per-say against all who challenge him and Farooq I say it again, it is me. You have been the one individual in this circus of a division that has eluded me, however now you have fallen into my web, I am the red-back spider of that web, and you have two titles that belong to me, I have let you roam around for long enough and struggle, but now it is time for the voters to put you out of your misery, it is time for nature to take its course Farooq and it is time for you to say goodbye, goodbye to those titles and watch as I reign as King Of The Mid-Card, for I am Mr Mid-Card, Mr Sackfist.

    Jonathan we have completed our 2 promos
  6. Voting open!
  7. Went Farooq, it was really close but i enjoyed farooq's just a wee bit more. Thanks for all the mentions btw, AidsFTW
  8. Another tough match. :mog: Good match Mr Sackfist
  9. Yes good match Farooq, we will have to compete again sometime
  10. Indeed we will :hmm: