News Jericho discusses Fandango's character

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  2. Love it. He hates on it while still being professional. Y2J is GOAT, forget hogan, SCSA, or Rocky.
  3. What's with all the random dancing gimmicks being so over? Tons of Funk are apparently superstars with the casuals... Khali's theme is over too even though he can't even move... Fandango's song became a big thing... the Emmalution is coming... Rob Terry's random dancing surprisingly got over... Tessmacher, well that was for a different reason...
  4. I suppose people like dancing and catchy tunes.
  5. Assmacher, type it correctly.
    Fandango would be good no matter the gimmick, but his makes him so much more hated, it's not like people love his music or anything, they just joked on it and it went over well. Look at DB and how he sold himself when the WWE shit all over his face (not the same entirely i know).....Fandango is a different style heel than people are used to, and they are interested. Once you have the interest, there is no reason not to build. The issue for me is WWE hates on Ryder when he BUILT HIMSELF UP and let's Fandango win at WM while Ryder doesnt even get a match in his hometown area.
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  6. Lol'd at Jericho's explanation as to how the Fandango character was created.
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