Jericho Ending Goldberg's Streak In WCW

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. This is a WCW topic, not a WWE one, but whatever. It's something I was thinking of.

    Imagine it's 1998/1999 back in WCW again and Goldberg still has his undefeated streak. Imagine he either won the match against Nash or they only decided to first push him towards a world title at Starrcade instead of several months before. Either way, it doesn't matter, just imagine the streak remains intact well into 1999, all the way into at least the spring, maybe even the summer.

    Now imagine that once Jericho's feud with Malenko over the cruiserweight title in mid 1998 ended, he moved on to a more serious midcard title/feud instead of just flaundering around and doing nothing until he left. Imagine WCW even gave him the Y2J gimmick and he got more hugely over, like how over he was when he confronted The Rock in their promo together. Now imagine Goldberg still has the streak and Jericho ends up being the next credible challenger around mid-1999. Do you think with the right booking, that putting a heel Jericho (through cheating obviously) over Goldberg and beating the streak would be a good idea into making him a huge main event star in WCW?

    The only argument against is might be Jericho's size. He is right under 6 ft, and compared to Goldberg, some might say he seems like a small guy. But my thinking is, if people can accept Jericho beating Austin and Rock on the same night to unify the WWF/WCW World Titles, then they can certainly accept him being the one to give Goldberg his first pinfall loss. Then, instead of always bragging about being the first ever Undisputed Champion (the only one really), he could be bragging about being the one to finally end Goldberg's almost 2-year streak.
  2. Idk about ending the streak, but it was really stupid of WCW to not at least let Goldberg wrestle Jericho at a PPV when they had their 'feud' back in the day.
  3. I read it was Goldberg's decision not to work with Jericho. He didn't think Jericho was worthy enough to wrestle him, apparently.