WrestleMania Jericho/Fandango?

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  1. I hope they find something better for Jericho. How does a debuting guy get on WM? :facepalm:
  2. Because Vince is high on him that's how. I am looking forward to the match. Should be very entertaining and good. Jericho can get a good a match out of anyone and Curtis isn't bad in the ring either.
  3. Isn't Johnny Curtis the one that was built up for months and jobbed in his debut match against Mark Henry? So, now he gets to debut at WM? I don't mind personally, but hopefully they can have a good match-up at WrestleMania.
  4. So Big E Langston AND Fandango will debut at WM?

    Not a terrible idea but nobody cares.
  5. Fandango/Curtis is just a glorified jobber. Expect the gimmick to be dead within 3 months, and that's pushing it.
  6. Worst. Mania build. Ever.
  7. I feel bad for Jericho, what's Fandango going to do exactly? Walk out and go, well this is the day you almost saw the debut of Fandango, then leave.
  8. Jericho deserves better than this storyline, thought it's slightly appealing.
  9. I he doesn't debut before WM he shouldn't fight there imo
  10. Everyone has judged Fandango without seeing him wrestle. The fact they could be saving him for WM suggests he has talent.
  11. I see Jericho losing to this Fandango guy. Not much of a problem with this, since it helps make Fandango look like a great talent.
  12. Can people STOP moaning...This is something fresh and new. I'm looking forward to it!!
  13. Well Curtis is a decent enough in ring talent so i won't shit on this too much
  14. Thankfully Jericho is so talented and charismatic that he could carry this feud on his back lol. I don't find Fandango interesting at all right now but if anyone can make him somewhat entertaining it's Jericho.
  15. Fuck it, just make sure Jericho wins (he wont) and i'm fine with it. Fuck Fandango, yes for any Y2J match at WM.
  16. I honestly couldn't give a shit about Fandango, who gives a fuck about his debut, he's just Johnny Curtis with some weird trousers on.
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  17. Fuck yeah!!

    Imagine that entrance! :woo1:

    Looking forward to this one. Both guys can work, so it should be good.
  18. So once he does a match, how is he going to draw heat? is he going to keep just not doing matches? I don't really understand what good this gimmick will do :pity:
  19. Good, looking forward to it. Fandango is a guy who can be elevated by beating Jericho and the match could be great.
  20. lol Jericho to lose again :pity1:
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