Jericho interview. Talking Summerslam, him leaving who are the future big names

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Not sure how to feel about the Jericho/Bryan feud being cut. On one hand we got the Jericho/Ziggler feud, on the other we lost the Jericho/Bryan feud. Two feuds and matches that would/will steal the show at SS. Great read all in all.

  2. Bryan/Jericho will happen eventually, they're big fans of each other. Great read to be honest. Miz, Sandow and Ziggler = the future!
  3. What Crayo said. Except isn't Miz in his 30's, meaning he's the present and not the future? If so, he needs a world title reign by at least 2013 or he isn't going anywhere. Unless of course I am wrong, and he's in his 20's.
  4. He's 31 which means he has quite a few more years left. Dolph is in his thirties too, it's common for that to be the age they peak.
  5. Bryan vs Jericho would be a good feud if built up right.
  6. Awesome interview! :))
  7. Chris has a great outlook on life. Kudos. There are many out there like him, sadly, they may not make it to WWE.
  8. Nice read. I just hope Jericho doesn't go over, which I fear after Ziggler pinned him on Raw.
  9. I highly highly doubt Chris is winning, if he is, Dolph might take him out after. I don't expect Dolph's win to be clean though.
  10. I'd book Dolph over Jericho cleanly, but yeah, Dolph winning dirty is what I see happening. I don't think they'd actually make Jericho win, just went through my mind when Dolph pinned him in the triple threat (which is a weird outcome if you ask me).
  11. It's not weird if it's booked as Jericho genuinely losing his touch. Gives him a reason to leave and then come back.
  12. Not the fact that he lost, mostly the fact that they booked a triple threat involving two guys who are feuding a week before their big match and one pinned the other. Yeah, it probably doesn't mean a lot but I'm not sure.
  13. Jericho has such an interesting view of the business if you ask me. Completely unselfish.
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