Jesus Wept: The Dat Kid Story

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    The first ever IWT crowd waits for someone to enter through the cheap curtains in the first ever IWT Championship Match.

    IWT Presents....

    A younger Dat Kid walks through the curtains wearing white and black tights. The video cuts to the middle of Dat Kid's promo.
    Jesus Wept: The Dat Kid Story

    1. Throw him in the Lion's Den - The beginning, euro championship reign, losing streak, getting the IWT its own section.
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    Those of you who followed IWT know this story, but I'm going to tell it in greater detail. The 1st Generation of IWT "superstars" were just fans, nothing more. Britanica had designed and purchased some championship belts and whoever held them would get a nice shiny belt, nothing more really. Then all of a sudden 2 or more guys wanted the same we fought for them and that's how the IWT was created.

    So there's 6 guys in this little makeshift ring in the middle of a locker room at the WWEF Gym in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Me, Baraa, Erik Draven, Andy Mack, Farooq, and then Frank The Jock. Frank had already made a name for himself in EBW, so hands down FTJ got it....

    but if it's any consolation that was the only match he ever won.

    Dat Kid laughs

    So Britanica, who was a friend of mine at the time felt bad and made one more belt, so that I could have another chance. That title was the European Championship, which I won by default because no one else wanted the piece of crap. Kind of ironic given that it was swapped for the Intercontinental Title.

    Draven was runner up in the IWT title match, so he got first dibs on Frank, so I had to stay where I was and just defend the European Championship and I lost it of course on my first defense. In fact I lost to Baraa twice before beating him and by then he lost the European Championship to someone else, so fuck me right?

    To top it all off I had the worst losing streak of all time. I was fighting more often than all of the other competitors, but I was losing. I was killing my record, but at the same time I was also getting better, but then we started getting complaints from people who were tired of us being in the recreation center.

    We were bringing in crowds and making a mess of people who just weren't there for that. We turned the locker room into an arena and management was not happy. Luckily the owner of this particular WWEF Gym was also the owner of the same television station that just lost Fight Night Wrestling.

    Britanica is the godmother of the IWT, undoubtedly, but I'm the guy who made that deal. I'm the guy who went up to Crayo and asked that we be placed on that network. Crayo liked what we had and he said yes without hesitation. How could he, we were getting bigger than anyone had ever imagined.

    Alias: Back then, I was not cognizant of what IWT was. I was doing my own thing in some other fed, but gradually this thing named "IWT" started generating a lot of buzz and garnering a lot of attention, which obviously led to my interest to work here. And looking back at this company's history, Dat Kid was definitely one, if not THE pioneer of the IWT. Sure, Britanica created this company, but Kid spearheaded much of it's greatness and he continues to do so to this day. And that's what makes Dat Kid so special. He really took this company to another level. And his work cannot be replicated.

    2. Last Man Standing - Dat Kid vs Aids, Departure of Talent, Wrestlemania 1

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    IWT had a big problem and that was people just wanted to do this as a hobby, but then they kind of fell out of it and it wasn't nobodies, there were big names. I could count on my fingers the amount of times FTJ actually showed up to events, let alone defend his championship. Erik, who won the title after him was exactly the same.

    I was supposed to be next in line for the IWT Championship, but somehow it ended up going to Senhor Perfect, who just blew everyone out of the fucking water when he showed up. So after more losing and more waiting I was next and I think the only reason I had the shot is because when Senhor first entered our locker room, I be friended him.

    He became a part of my backstage friends, whom we called DX, which consisted of Brit, Danny, Baraa, Rodrigo, Big D The Smark, Sage and Victoria Parker who would later join our little backstage clique. So because I was Senhor's friend I got a title shot, not because I earned it, so I knew that if i didn't do something I would be hated by not only the fans but by the backstage area that wasn't with DX.

    Coincidentally, Aids Johnson had just joined IWT. He was my trainer back in the WWEF gym before IWT even started, so as friends I put my shot on the line against him. We fought better than any other match that had existed in that era and we raised the bar. Aids beat me and in retrospect even though I lost, I was better because of the experience that came from that match.

    However, I was tired of losing and I said to myself, maybe I just can't do it anymore. I had success with getting the IWT its own tv show and I had some production tricks up my sleeve, so I decided to work with Brit backstage and help out because she couldn't do it. I love Brit to death, but she couldn't handle people like FTJ and it was very obvious that it was getting to her.

    Wrestlemania came around and Britanica didn't show up but luckily someone had been ready for this and that man was Jonathan. You can hate Jonathan all you want, but the reason Wrestlemania happened was because Jonathan was there. Then competitors didn't show...something was happening and we didn't know what. It was all very odd.

    So I laced up my boots again and I ran down to the ring to be Victoria Parker's last resort tag team partner, then a third man in a triple threat for the United States Championship. So in one night I went from being the guy with the worse win/lose record to be the only guy to win two titles at Wrestlemania, beating two current IWT and WHC champions, and having the best win/loss record at fuck me, it's time to come out of retirement.

    Andrew: Everybody needed their breakout moment, and for Kid it took a while. But whenever he got his first, real breakout moment he took it, ran with it, and hasn't looked back since. His drive has been something I've never questioned, and always admired about him.

    It was bittersweet though because I had to watch Aids Johnson steal my Wreslemania moment and that's something that cant be changed. He won the main event at the FIRST EVER Wrestlemania and it could have been me.

    Later that night I get a call from Aids, he tells me FNW is coming back. I said "Cool, so you're doing both". He says "No, I want to be full time FNW"


    Dat Kid stares at the camera

    3. St Louis was there - Winning the IWT Championship, Face Run, Victoria Parker

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    So just like that the company didn't have an IWT Champion for the first and only time. Senhor was the obvious choice to be one of the guys to compete for it, but by then I was tired of champions picking who they fought, so I spoke out and I said I want the people to choose who they want because there was great talent in the locker room that was being straight up buried.

    So the fans did get to pick...They picked me.

    So here I am facing Senhor, the greatest competitor to step foot in the IWT ring at that time, but he was off. Senhor had just purchased a lot of extravagant things with the endorsements he got foe being champ. His family was close to being homeless, so it was a different Senhor and he never really recovered from the loss to Aids, so I surprisingly beat him.

    I was their face champion, but it wasn't really me to be honest. I hated being this smiling guy who the fans loved and on top of it, with the loss of talent it was my duty to be in creative. There is a moral code in creative that I created and that code is, you can never be the IWT Champion and be in creative, too much power. Subsequently there was a special someone who deserved to be champion more than I did.

    So with that said I proposed to my tag team partner Victoria Parker.

    Dat Kid does the VP shrug

    Victoria Parker, with the aid of Jonathan, Rodrigo, and Jacob Colton (who botched his part) attacked me at my own wedding and stripped me of my half of the tag team titles. It was the first major storyline that IWT ever had and I created it all even though I get my ass handed to me.

    So at Payback I didn't give it my all as you'll see in the tapes and Victoria Parker won like she was supposed to, didn't even ask for a rematch.

    I was done......again. It was the only time I was ever IWT Champion and it lasted less than a month. I could have held it longer, had a better run, turned heel, but the roster was thinning. We needed new faces

    4. Limping Tall - Helping the new guys, IWT Creative, People of Tomorrow

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    Now by this time IWT had begun getting worldwide recognition and we were getting talent because Crayo had bought some company that also owned another e-fed and we were invaded by what is known as the 2nd Generation.

    Jonathan was all about the big picture matches, but a picture still needs a frame and that's why I introduced the idea of making a program called Uprising.

    It wasn't so much that we wanted a show, but it was more so that we could control the newer talent that was coming in because they were coming in and they would just sit there and do nothing! They were not used to the IWT structure of do it yourself booking, so before we lost the great talent we were getting, we created that show to get them involved....and it worked.

    We were starting to beat FNW even though we were only bi-weekly, but what we had over FNW is that our online content was daily. If a superstar wanted a match or wanted to talk shit, they could do it whenever, and they didn't have to wait a week. We had new content every day and we stole FNW's audience and we put them out of business, plain and simple.

    Our talent roster was the best it had ever been and we had entered our golden age and I wanted to continue that because I felt responsible for it. I'd unified 6 titles to make competition more fierce in the midcard and make people realize that you don't need a title match to have a great feud. Jono was focused on the main event, but the midcard was killing it and that's why were in such a good shape. It was so good that I couldn't stay away.

    So, after looking at the roster I picked two young men to manage.I came back to IWT with a suit, a cane, and an ego.

    Andrew: I had just came off of my debut win against the X-division Champion at the time[Farooq], and the first person who walked up to me was the Co-GM. He explained to me that he had wanted to run a stable with a fellow up and comer Airbourne. Now, I had originally set up to do a team with Aids, but when I got the option to work with the Co-GM I took it on the fly.

    Suicide who had beaten Farooq and Joel Rain who had one of the best matches I've ever seen with Alkaline and I pushed them to the moon.

    Andrew: A lot of the time was spent strategizing, like if our main plans didn't go our way we'd have a back up plan.

    Aids Johnson had just come back and he was granted a WHC shot right off the back and I took personal issue with that. You're going to let the man who left us and the IWT Championship high and dry get a world title shot? So I knew if I couldn't get Jono to fix it, I was going to. So I went to a bar with Aids and I convinced him to go for Money in the Bank instead. I figured the likelihood of him winning the match was slim, we wouldn't endanger another world title, and one of my boys could get the shot.

    So Aids WILLINGLY swapped with Suicide and Seabs didn't show up to his match, so I managed a superstar to their first world title and I'm the only one in IWT to do that too.

    Andrew: Did I regret it? Hell no. The old me would've just laughed and asked why wouldn't I? But, over the months after I the thing ended with Kid I spent a lot of time with Erik- I'd even consider him to be a mentor of mine. I started to feel regretful for screwing him over like I did, and while I do feel bad I would still call it a victory, but a hallow one.

    Dat Kid winks

    However, Joel went AWOL and so I decided to act like he never existed. When I stick my neck out for you, you better show up to your match, win or lose. If Joel had ever showed up again, I was going to bury him and he's lucky he didn't.

    Andrew: It started to go down hill after Bourne quit, I was seeing less and less of Kid until I only saw him for my match.

    Summerslam came along and Jono and I had out first disagreement.

    Nick: Well obviously Dat Kid booked me in the Proving Grounds battle royal at summerslam - his idea. He helped me showcase my stuff early on even though I did struggle at times

    We had more talent than we had time for our PPV and I wanted all our talent to feel important. Guys like Trip, Dexx, Nick, Nukem, and others were just left with nothing and I felt sympathetic to them because I had been trapped in the midcard before.

    I would be pissed if I didn't have a match at Summerslam. It's not like these guys didn't want to fight, it's that they didn't know how to go about getting one. So 48 hours before Summerslam I arranged the proving grounds tournament and I booked it without Jono even knowing. While people were still entering the arena I rushed those eight guys to the ring and I told them to fight.

    Nick: I was nervous, but once I got out there it came naturally. I knew a lot of people were watching, and I'm glad I won because out of all the competitors I'm the only one left standing.

    At the end eight rookies were given a shot to be seen at a major PPV and nothing bad happened because of it. I don't regret abusing my power to do it and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

    However this set in motion a series of arguments between Jono and I. I never looked at Jonothan as a booker, because he's not. Jonathan, in my opinion, is good at organizing things, but when it comes to the creative aspect he isn't as good as me and I know he won't deny it because he knows it's true. So when Jonathan challenged my ideas in our meetings, I would get pissed.​

    5. FSW! - Leaving the company, booking shows, voting issue, shutting down FSW

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    I had led the IWT into something great with my work in the midcard and I could give SO MUCH MORE, but I was being shut down. I put together a tournament for the newly unified Undisputed IWT Championship and after weeks of amazing matches, the man who won was not going to get his shot because Jono did not want it to happen at the PPV.

    The man who won that tournament by the way was Joey Bryant and the fans were begging for him. Everywhere we went we heard "Joey Bryant *clap clap* *clap clap clap*", EVERYWHERE and you're going to tell me this man doesn't deserve a shot at the IWT title after he beat the best IWT has to offer?

    For me that was all I could take because I did not like the direction IWT was going in. I had put so much effort into it and if my ideas weren't welcome then I wasn't welcome. Creative didn't stick up for me. Suicide and I went our separate ways, there was really no motivating factor for me to stay.

    Andrew: Had I stayed, and cashed in my rematch clause I feel like I could've had a nice stint in the main event scene. Instead I left, and when I came back I decided to team with my good friends Erik, and Spinzz[Midas]. It's not like I haven't main evented since then because I have a few times. And I honestly do see myself breaking into main event scene again, if I don't believe that then why should I even compete? As a wrestler you have to believe that you can be the main champion, you can't settle for anything less.

    So I publicly announced my retirement from IWT completely.

    Nick: Well I was genuinely pissed. Looking back on it I laugh, but at the time I was fed up. Because I was losing at the time, and all the attention I was slowly drawing to myself disappeared. I'm sure you can find what I think is my best promo and you'll see I was quite pissed

    When I left Anonymous and Britanica left with me, followed by guys who left because they left, like dominos and because of this I regret not leaving quietly. Even though I hated Jonathan, I loved IWT, and all these guys leaving was not good for business. What I did next was even worse...

    I started FSW right after I left and I took talent from the IWT roster, which is exactly what FNW did and I didnt want that.
    1. because IWT was going to need superstars or it would die and I would kill an entire television program, which I didnt want to do as a courtesy to Crayo who was gracious enough to give us a chance.
    2. I was on my own in the creative team.

    I think FSW would have put IWT out of business, but during that time Crayo had a technical malfunction on our network that made it even harder to run FSW. It was not the right time for FSW to be launched and I arrogantly say that IWT got lucky.

    There were so many people who wanted to come to FSW. I had to stop Victoria Parker, who I was dating at the time, from jumping over because she hated it there when I left and she was champion. Basically both efeds were dying, to the point of Farooq changing his gender to create a new character for ratings in IWT. So if one efed was going to die, which one was it going to be?

    I bit the bullet and chose IWT and in doing so I smothered my own baby.

    6. Til the Last Star Falls - D-Generation X, The future of the IWT
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    When I decided to come back to IWT I knew I couldnt come back to creative, so I had to compete. This was a little bit of a gamble because I've been working creative for the last half a year with a few matches here and there. Now I've got to return to a place where a lot of people didn't like me because of the what I did to IWT. I've got to go out there and give them something good because if not, I'm done, there is no more Dat Kid.

    The fans would hate me and not in a good kayfabe way, so I had to come back face. The only way to do that would be to bring back what I took.

    So I debuted the backstage clique known as DX to in ring competition. Jonathan and I knew that our arguments killed wrestling, so we worked together one last time to book one big match. It would be Team Jonathan vs DX and during that time I continued to invest in the midcard and brought along Trip & Nick.

    Nick: Well earlier I was booted out of the JOB squad by chrysalis Adam and Joey Bryant, so as I recovered from injuries the unexpected happened. Dat Kid called me, and he asks me to join. I say I'm in, and we form. Going out there was intimidating, because I didn't want to disappoint. This was a huge return for him and Danielson, and if I fucked it up then it would've been sad. But I did okay, we got the win, and everybody went home happy. I wish DX didn't break up like it did because looking at the names in that group and the potential matches, we could've been the greatest stable of all time.

    The match was built well, but wrestling had been too damaged and the actual match wasnt so good.

    At this time I knew IWT had to be restored and I thought it lied within my return, but it didn't It was something I heard before I left that was the key to restoring IWT.

    7. I am God - Giving the fans what they want, Reluctantly taking the WHC, rejoining creative, George
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    "Joey Bryant *clap clap* *clap clap clap*

    I disbanded DX right after the match and headed right to Bryant's locker room and I asked him if he still wanted his title match which he still had not received. He said no, so I knocked some sense into him in a handicap match with his tag team partner Frie. It took them to go to sudden death to beat me and it was then that I think Bryant saw that I was not fucking around.

    Working with Joey was great because he's just a great natural talent. The only problem with our partnership and there weren't many problems, but the one problem we had was that I am considered to be the scum of the Earth where Bryant, as much as he won't admit it, can never be a bad person. It's not in him.

    Bryant is a person who will always fight for people and do the ethically correct thing. In a sense it worked out because I acted not as Bryant's mouthpiece, but as his middle finger because people thought when Bryant lost to Aids and Parker it was over. I said "Fuck you guys, you can throw whatever half assed bullshit plans out of the window, the fans have been screaming this man's name for months. He's being IWT Champion and there ain't a god damn thing you can do about it"

    So Bryant joined up with me and I told him I would make him champ and I did. At Elimination Chamber Joey Bryant walked out of the arena the IWT Champion and in the same place IWT originated from it was reborn again. I'm proud of that moment because it doesn't get more signifying of the next generation than that and I was happy to have a part in it.

    Subsequently I was given the task of holding on to the World Heavyweight Championship, which was brought back for no reason at all. I hated the World Heavyweight Championship. When they handed that opportunity to me, it just felt beneath me and you'll have to excuse my ego but it was at the time. That title was rarely defended and when it was the matches all sucked. It was the representation of everything wrong with IWT.

    Which is why it became such a great part of being me cause now here I am parading around AS GOD and champion of the ENTIRE WORLD, when neither of those things rang true, but I was going to shove it in your face like it was.

    So I did what no other World Champion could do. I was going to make that championship mean something again. Creative wanted me to face Punk, you know the man who vacated the title, but I was not for it. Jwab wanted to fight me, but him losing to me would do nothing for anyone because he couldn't beat me at that time,

    Andrew: Honestly, in the least arrogant way possible I believe that I could've stopped him. With all the history that we have it's amazing that we have yet to step into the ring as opponents. It's a dream match of mine, title or not, but I just don't see it happening at this point.

    So there was one man I wanted to face, but never got the chance to. At Wreslemania 2 I challenged the former leader of The Cure and one of the greatest IWT competitors period, Mystical George. George would not return to IWT for anything, so I got on the mic and publicly badgered him until I got his attention and he came back. I was grateful that he accepted the challenge because we put on the match that the belt always deserved.

    The thing is George didn't have to come back and he didn't have to fight me. In his day I wasn't an Aids Johnson, a Crayo, or an FTJ, but he still came back to fight me and he took his loss like a champ. If I owed anyone anything in IWT it would be George for that alone. I'm just waiting for my phone to ring.

    During this whole thing I felt untouchable. I knew that what I did mattered. Everything i touched in IWT had a grand effect, bad or good. I was felt like God, so I became God and people hated it. I crucified people on the ring ropes and I made IWT superstars pray to me. A lot of people have act like bad guys in the IWT. The difference between me and them, is that I'm not an actor.

    I can say that I buried a lot of superstars during this time, most prominently Adam Aries as you also might know as Unknown. I have nothing against ambition in IWT at all, but one thing I do not respect is when Superstars try to act like their this unstoppable being when they couldn't win a match to save their life.

    Adam was one of those guys and he constantly was receiving title shots after he was losing, something that would have never happened to me, so I was told to bury him, but no one needed to.

    The way I see it, Jono and I made IWT what it is today and we did it by getting rid of people who tried to stranglehold IWT, like FTJ, who we bring back occasionally as a comical act. IWT has always been about everyone and if you want to be an individual you better be good enough to fight like one.

    8. The last of the 1st - Dat Kid vs Alias, Returning again, plans for the future
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    Alias: *jokingly* Dat Kid as a threat? Never man.

    Alias was good enough to fight like one. Since the Royal Rumble Alias had been begging to fight me. I rub a lot of people the wrong way, but Alias was the one brave enough to come after me after I screwed him at the Royal Rumble. I knew Alias was good, better than me even, so if I was going to lose I was going to do it at Extreme Rules.

    Andrew: When he was announced as Kid's opponent at Extreme Rules I knew that Kid would be in the biggest fight of his life. My partner, Midas, is also someone who I could've seen give Kid a run for his money(pun intended).

    There was this feeling that this would be my last match. Extreme Rules in my hometown, doesn't set the stage up more perfect and we fought hard, The match was so good that I asked for my rematch then and there and Alias is so much of a fighter that he actually accepted it that same night. Piledrived my ass off the stage and into tables, to the point where I almost regret not giving Alias the shot at mania.

    Alias: It was unquestionably what I needed at the time, it was my pedestal to finally capturing a major title. When he offered me that match, I had no qualms in accepting it straight away. Who wouldn't want to work with Dat Kid, especially when the WHC is on the line? You'd be dumb not to take the offer, even if you get your ass kicked. But yeah, it was a learning experience, and probably the most fun I've had doing so. Dat Kid is an utter professional and we killed it out there in front of his hometown. Glad I was able to take part in that learning experience so I am still grateful to this day.

    Joey Bryant didn't need me anymore. I don't like to manage people who don't need me, so without a reason to stay, I left again.

    For the first time I got to spend time away from wrestling and enjoyed time home....

    ...but I saw Roadster on the screen and I knew I just had to bury him again, so because of that reason only I came back.

    Alias: Oh yeah, definitely, like no other. Just his whole presence is majestic and then whenever you hear that theme song play it gives you a sense of goosebumps you know? So I think the atmosphere whenever he's around is unparalleled and unmatched. Not many people can have that affect but Kid knows to master it perfectly.

    Dat Kid laughs

    In all honesty I don't think I'm ready to retire. I think I've got another year left in me, not because I can't do it but because when you get to a point where you don't need a title to be considered one of the best, it's only a matter of time before it's time to say goodbye.

    Andrew: Determined. It doesn't matter what role he would be in, or even what promotion he was in; he gave it 110% every time.

    Alias: He's very resolute with his ideas and he's also very passionate about them. Every time people say to him: "Hey man, I think it's time you hang up the boots or just put over the young talent." he finds endless ways to reinvent himself and stay consistent like I mentioned before, and that for some reason rubs people the wrong way as a sign that Dat Kid is selfish and wants to stay on top forever. But that's just one huge misconception about him in my opinion. He is the standard-bearer of the main event scene and if you wanna get there you have to get past him. If it wasn't for Dat Kid, people like Bryant and I wouldn't be in the main event scene, so not only do I owe him a lot, but I feel the whole IWT owes him a lot. And he's underrated in that aspect. His unwillingness to say no to creative compels me to. What he does comes purely out of his imagination and every time creative would shoot him and his ideas down he'd still find an inventive way of doing things and doing them perfectly in a way that would entice the IWT Audience to want to see more of his stuff. I think some of the stuff he's come up with over the years is amazing, and if it wasn't for Kid rebelling against creative we may have never seen those ideas come to fruition, but thankfully we have.

    When I leave I want someone to take my spot, but until that happens, I'll be here.

    Jesus wept

    Deleted Scenes


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    How much did Aids teach me about wrestling? What do you mean? He didn't teach em shit.

    Dat Kid chuckles and the crew laughs too.

    What? It's true. The reason Aids is called my predecessor is because Aids invited me to hang with his drinking buddies and he sort of was the 1st to accept me amongst that crowd. I learned all his habits, so to others it might've seemed like I was being groomed to be Aids 2.0

    But I haven't driven that many women to the abortion clinic so I'm far from being Aids. He's one of a kind.

    El Nino
    Show Spoiler

    I think one of wrestling's worst kept secrets was the fact that I'm El Nino, which is basically Dat Kid in spanish. El Nino was a character in a promotion called Fight Night Wrestling run by Sackfist. Originally I came in with the idea to to be some British guy who beats the shit out of people at bars, so thank god Fed-X shut down before I came up.

    Anyway, when Sack rebooted as FNW I decided to go with something I could pull off. So I looked around my room for an old halloween custom and I found a luchador mask. I put that on over my foot of hair, which was difficult as all hell to do. Then I put on a vest so I could show off the guns and hit record on my camera.

    If people didn't know anything about FNW they knew about El Nino. It was my first live promo and probably my best one. Everyone loved it, so I'm sure it got some more people looking in FNW's direction, which was great for me too.

    However the use of myself wasn't great in FNW. I don't know if it was because I was new or because I was a comedic character but I felt like I was not in the right spot in FNW. I wanted to fight a guy named Brian Messias, who was their World Champ at the time and it wasn't like it was a secret either, I said it most of my promos, but on the creative side their was no indication that I would be getting that shot.

    Messias did these voice promos and they were just so cheesy. I would just listen to them and I'd say wow, not only can I do better than this guy, but I know a thing or two about cameras. I thought that would be good enough to get that feud, but instead creative had me lose all my matches against people who I can't even remember to be honest.

    I didn't complain about it back then because I was just happy to be on the card and I figured "ok I lost tonight, but creative loves me, they're going to give me what I earned by going the extra mile with these promos". However the company was short lived and I never got that match. It's one of the reasons I like IWT more even though it's not my first organization because if I want something I can just get it....most times.

    I tried to bring back El Nino here and there, but the spark from that died out and all I can do is imagine how things could have been different.

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