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    The crowd pops as a laser hits the ramp creating the shape of a clock. Smoke begins to billow from the clock.
    Dat Kid walks out of the smoke already in wrestling gear. Kid jumps into the ring as "Welcome Back" chants start, this does not bring a smile to Kid's face.

    Welcome back to what? To a half assed fed that's desperately trying to bring back the glory days, so much so that the creative team had to swallow its pride and let my beat down show upstage their championship main event? Do you think I actually want to be here?

    You know over my hiatus I took some time to go back to my roots and rediscover who I am. I realized something and that's I am not your "God". For nearly a year I've come out here and proclaimed that I was overseer of the IWT and FSW. I came to the sudden realization that I don't want to be your God anymore, not because I don't believe that everything I touch becomes pure brilliance, but because none of you deserve it!

    And I'm not just talking to IWT either, I'm talking to FSW too. Actually I'm talking to FSW more than anyone else. You guys won last night and you managed to beat a hasbeen, a jwabber, a man who's too afraid to be in the main event, a guy who got his ass beat when he tried to be in the main event, and Erik Draven who had enough since to remove himself from all that illogical bullshit.

    Yeah and I went out to help my team secure the victory, not because I believe in FSW. Let's face the facts, it doesn't matter if FSW won. No one is going to go to our shows, IWT is more established than us, and after the final winter show FSW is going to die, but it's cute how Alias got Solidus involved in the match. Sorry we made you leave your desk job over nothing.

    FSW was always and will always be my way of getting what I want and nothing more. And I definitely got what I want. Trip has now gotten himself into a severe car accident and I hope he dies because that'll be the closest thing to progress we've seen in IWT in months.

    I am not here to save IWT or replace it. I am not your savior and I am not your God. I have come to watch this house burn to ground and when all that's left is tiniest little ember, I'm going to be the one to put it out.....which brings me to my next agenda.


    Isn't it ironic that the man I built would be the face of everything I despise about this company. You are that final ember. So at Wreslemania after I defeat Alias, the entire FSW team, Aids, and whoever's got a problem with me, I want you in an iron man match. You want to be the face of a dying company, then you can do it from your own death bed and not with the talent I GAVE YOU!

    You want to be the martyr, the man who bleeds for this company, then come Wrestlemania I'm going to slit your wrists and hang you out to dry.

    Jesus wept.

    Dat Kid drops the mic
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  2. Michael walks into the arena seemingly returning from something. He takes off two black gloves and places them on a near by table before he stops and looks up at the camera.

    Michael: Dat Kid, you're back? You're back to fight Joey Bryant and Alias Antonio and Aids Johnson. Last time I remember, you said the same thing last Spring. You claimed that Aids vs. Kid 3 would happen and then you claimed that the IWT Title and the World Heavyweight title will be unified under the Dat Kid banner, and you will defeat Joey Bryant and Alias Antonio in a triple threat match. But like everything about you, It was just an empty promise. You brought the big guns in terms of your "plans" but you didn't bring what you needed to back it up. That's been my "problem" with you since I first met you, and it's been a problem since. You're just empty hype but no one can see that. It's been my plan for a while now, to expose that you are just caitiff. You want to defeat everyone who has a problem with you. Then start with me, your biggest disbeliever and antagonizer. Start with the man that has doubted you for months, and silence him once and for all. If you dare.
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    Dat Kid picks up his mic

    Here's the problem with you and the rest of the IWT. You're so stubborn with your one tracked mind and you're all afraid to adapt. Fighting Aids Johnson now would be like fighting Based God Darth at this point and it's not even worth my time. I made Joey Bryant and he unified those titles. I didn't beat Bryant and Alias in a triple threat but i beat them in a handicap match.

    You can disbelieve all you want because I'm not here to be your prophet. I don't want you to have faith, I want you to have fact. When you're out here lying on your back like your mother on a saturday night you'll be faced with the fact that you fucked with the wrong person at the wrong time.
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  4. Michael lets out a laugh.

    Michael: You want me to have fact? Well how about for once you follow your own advice, and take a good hard look at what you're saying. You had no part in the tag team match that took place at Survivor Series yet you act like you won it single handedly, and you degrade the very man who led FSW into the fight and helped them win? You just can't stand anyone having success can you? While you're supposed to be thanking and welcoming Antonio, you go ahead and try to steal his spotlight. You will do anything to feed your ego, and I get that. That's what egotistical bitches do.

    Michael: You're damn right I will disbelieve, why would I believe a man who resorts to sex and Based God Darth jokes as a way to deny a point. You've lost more than just your integrity, you've lost your shame and dignity as well. Try and redeem them. Fight me, fight me at the Royal Rumble.
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  5. No I didn't.
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  6. I've lost my shame? I never had any shame to begin with, you idiot. What do I have to be ashamed about other than wasting my time talking to some nobody trying to make a name for himself. I know I had nothing to do with the win at Survivor Series other than create the brand that was fought for, but whatever. I led a Survivor Series team before and won, so it's not like I need to do it again.

    I tell you what. You want me to come off my pedestal to fight you in the gutter, I'll do it and I'll embarass you in front of all those people and make you change your gimmick like everyone other rookie does when they lose to me. But it aIn't going to be at the Royal Rumble.

    IWTs days are numbered. I can literally hear them ticking away and when I deliver the final blow to Mr. IWT himself you'll all be begging Sackfist to bring FNW back. So I'm not going to waste my final PPV matches on a no name like you....unless you can do one thing.

    You beat a former IWT Champion and you have your match at the Royal Rumble. If you lose to whatever champion you face, you face me in a dark match in a stipulation of my choosing.
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  7. Is this how easy it is to get matches with people way out of my league? w0w.
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  8. You might recognizr his promo from uprising, or if you attended live, the overhyped dark match leading to the RR pre-show.