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  1. The show opens up with the fans chanting "Thank you Kid". Dat Kid is standing in the middle of the ring in a suit. The chants don't let up, while Kid tries to hold back a smile.

    There comes a time where you come to the sudden realization where you can not perform at the level you once did and that time has come for me.

    The fans start booing.

    Shut up, God is talking!

    The fans boo even louder and Kid laughs.

    Seriously, I have hit my peak and it wasn't last night, it was a long time ago. I tried to hang on as long as I could, but I have become the one word that is synonymous with a certain Wisconsin drunk and that's irrelevant. And I don't want to go out when people have already forgotten me, that's why I had to face Alias last night. I had to remind the fans of what I did and while it wasn't my best match, it was possibly my favorite. So I want to thank Alias for coming out and fighting me in my last match, I appreciate it.

    I've done a lot here and while I won't be remembered in the same light as other superstars with more accomplished careers than mine, I would like to be remembered as the foundation of this company. We fought off competition for years because the guys who compete here are simply always trying to one up each other. And I watched the guys who were rookies surpass me, guys like Shadow, Trip, and Micheal. While I resented not being "the guy", I cherished being "the man".

    There wasn't a single feud that I had that felt stale to me or boring or a chore. I felt that my rivalries were something to watch, sometimes even more than what was going on in the main event and I could not have done it without the folks who knew I would not settle for anything mediocre.

    Looking forward now, there's so much I wish I could do, people I wanted to fight, championships to be won again, but my time is up. Death does not wait for dreams and my career is officially over as of now.

    Jesus We-Thank you.

    Dat Kid places the mic at the center of the ring.
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  2. Fire screamed out of the corners of the ring as a horrifically known theme began to play

    Spawn rose through through one corner of the ring tearing through the canvas. Before Dat Kid could even turn around Spawn had climbed out and grabbed him by the throat. Dat Kid desperately tried to break the demon's grasp, but Spawn slowly raised him 10 feet in the air by fulling lifting just one of his arms. He tilted his head at the legend before slamming him down on the mat with a choke slam.

    Spawn - Did you think we would let you walk away Dat Kid? I was robbed of my IWTMania moments. Both of them! It's time I stopped worrying about champions and take my time back to hurting little men. This is my time now old man. Your days are long over and long gone.

    Spawn then grabbed Dat Kid again and dead lifted him into another huge chokeslam. Spawn grabbed Kid's suit and began to tear the jacket and shirt off as he then laid in huge punches to the chest, leaving huge welts and bruises already. The demon still wasn't done. He pulled Dat Kid to the ropes as he stepped onto the apron.

    Spawn - Dat Kid. Your time is over. You will be the first of the fallen. Everyone look at your legend. Watch him die!

    With that Spawn lifts him over the ropes and holds him upside down while still stood on the apron. Everyone winces as they know what he is going to do. Tombstone him on the concrete. Everyone covers their eyes as they know what is about to happen. Spawn leaps off with Dat Kids skull wedged between his knees. Dat Kid smacks the concrete head first and there was a loud crack.

    Fans who watched screamed in horror as Dat Kid's body flopped over limp. The ref ran over and threw up plenty of X's. The doctors rush to Dat Kid and check him out. But everyone knows Spawn just ended this mans career.

    Spawn - This is what I do. I kill men. Dat Kid will never wrestle again because I just broke his fucking neck. This wasn't a retirement, this was your funeral. No one escapes me. See you in hell Kid.

    With that Spawn looked at the titantron to see if anyone was going to run to try and help Dat Kid. The lights went out and when they flashed back on Spawn was no where to be seen.

    OOC: Someone save the poor bastard and give him a proper send off
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  3. *Jack runs out to meet Kid's limp body as his theme kicks on, wasting no time on his usual theatrics. He calls for a stretcher and tends to Kid in the process.*

    Moments later the paramedics arrive with the stretcher and begin properly situating Kid so they can put him on said stretcher, but Forté stops them in their tracks. He alone helps Kid up, puts his arm around his shoulders, helps Kid walk to the stretcher, and places him on it.

    The paramedics finish up and start to roll Kid up the ramp, and you can see Kid sorta regain consciousness for a moment. He gives a thumbs up to a great reception. Kid then gestures for Jack to come bring a mic to him. Forté runs a mic up to Kid, and holds it up to his mouth so he can utter what may just be his final words in the IWT:

    Kid: Alias is still a faggot!

    Kid is finally carted out once and for all as Jack looks on.

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  4. OOC Thank you From, it's been fun man.
  5. Glad I was your last match. Much love brother.
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  6. Out of nowhere, Danny Jacobs, the current X-Division Champion, cheap shots Jack Forté with a steel chair connecting to the back of the head. He looks at his foe, laying on the floor in pain and he smiles because of it. He grabs the chair again, and keeps hitting Jack Forté with an almost obsessed look on his face. The chair looks all bended after the impact of Jack Forté's face and the speed of Danny Jacobs hitting him, that he decides to throw the chair away and instead, start assaulting Jack Forté with his feet, continuously kicking Forté in the head with his long 7ft boots. He kicks him one last time, grabs a mic, and is about to reveal his reasoning as to why he attacked Forté out of all people...

    ''Jack Forté... I'm sorry I had to do this to you, but you gave me no other choice. Hell, these people gave me no other choice. You see, I don't dislike you. I don't care for you, but I don't dislike you. The thing that I can't stand about you is the hype that surrounds you. Everyone in that back thinks you're the absolute best that IWT has to offer, and I don't know, maybe you are but is that really a big accomplishment? Being the best of the worst? See, I don't associate myself with IWT. I don't want to be around Michael and his idiotic ideas, I just want money and success so I wasn't gonna stick around in the midcard wrestling Prince Faggot for this championship because that's simply not worth my time. I'm going for the tip of the iceberg and if you're supposedly on the top of that, then I have no problem knocking you off of it. I have no problem doing what my former tag partner couldn't do which is beating you within an inch of your life, taking that title and strapping it around on The Big Guy~!, showing that not only am I better than you, I am better than all the guys you've faced in the past. I am gonna beat the heart and soul of IWT until his heart doesn't tick anymore, until he's given up and has breathed his last breath. I'm taking over IWT and I'm bringing hell with me.

    ''Jack, this is not a challenge, this is a goddamn warning ahead of time that, at the next show, that title is coming with me. Your hype is coming with me. Your supposed legendary status? Right in the pocket of The Big Guy, because at the end, I will be standing tall with both the X-Division Championship and the Intercontinental Championship because at IWT Survival, it'll be IC Champ vs. X-Division Champ. Winner. Takes. All.''
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