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  1. Dat Kid walks out in dark street clothes, refusing to look at the crowd, his eyes on the ground. @David5150 walks behind him, carrying Dat Kid's World Heavyweight Championship. Kid rolls into the ring and heads to the corner, he waits for David who places the championship on the ground, Kid sits on the belt. David gets Kid a mic and stands next to him.

    Kid stares at the ground as he raises up the mic.
    I told you didn't I, but you thought I was just some crazy ego driven man. Now who's crazy? It ain't me. Kid can't help but to chuckle a bit.

    So now as I sit on your world, what can you call me now? Jobber? Old fag? Irrelevant title holder? I annihilated, slaughtered, and buried EVERY SINGLE person in that chamber match. Tell me I'm wrong! Your idols, DEAD! No more crazy wolf S&M club, no more lethargic has-beens, no more attention grubbing filth in the guise of the mentally ill, and no more weak links.

    But tonight isn't about me, I probably did the least out The Church at Elimination Chamber. David had a harder time finding a match than I did competing in one and Joey Bryant, well that's who tonight is about. So without further ado, I bring to you the man who didn't need Frie, Aids, or even Dat Kid to become the champion. The man who's destiny was molded by his own two hands, your new IWT Champion...JOEY BRYANT! @DK James

    Kid looks up from his seat in the corner at the stage
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  2. *The lights dim green in the arena, leaving everyone aware for what's next.*

    *The crowd pops loud for Joey's music. A while into the song, Joey Bryant walks out onto the stage with the IWT Championship slung around his shoulder. He has a huge grin on his face and stands on the stage and takes in the cheers. He looks at Dat Kid and nods his head and claps for him before walking to the ring. He raises his new title high in the air as the crowd pops again as his music fades.*

    "They said siding with God was a bad career choice. I heard it since I joined up with him. I heard it from Frie, Aids, Trip, D'Z, Farooq, FTJ and the list goes on and on. You know what, though? That "bad career choice" ended up with us both holding world titles."

    *Joey smiles at Dat Kid as the crowd cheers.*

    "Bad career move, bad career move my ass. It seems since winning this title I've actually lost respect. I know, I couldn't believe it either. I finally do the one thing everyone so desperately wanted me to do, win the IWT title, and I actually lost respect. From the guys in the back to be more specific. They went from saying I was the next big thing to now saying I'm generic, I repeat myself, I don't deserve this title, I'm worse than Trip and the Order, and hell I was already called a paper champion! Damn Aids, you could have warned me about this, bud. *He winks into the camera.* It's pathetic. You want something you've never heard before? Take this in. Everyone in that locker room can say all they want, at the end of the day I came out of that match as IWT Champion. Not Trip, not Aids Johnson, not Sir Lee, I DID. You think I "suck"? Come show me. No really, I'll always be here. I was here before a lot of the new era guys, so in their eyes, I should be looked at as a worthy champion. But I guess the key to being looked at as a controversial superstar is win a world title and have everyone else think you don't deserve it. Hell, half the guys that decided to tell me after the match how much they hated me were guys that showed up months after me. A bunch of spoiled, ungrateful, cry babies. That's all they'll ever be. And that's all they'll ever be until they get to my title and to do that they'll cry and whine their way to get to me! It's just a cycle of crying bitches and wanna-bes, and yes, it's pathetic. During my rise here I preached about how I loved every one of the competitors here in a way, I wanted them all to get a shot, but I guess it goes to show what I gave to them, I won't be getting back. Haven't even given me a chance to show what I'm about as a champion and they're already jumping to conclusions. How the hell can I be a paper champion if I literally won it a night ago? That's stupidity."

    *The crowd gives a mixed reaction and Joey paces back and forth.*

    "I promised that when I did make my way back to the IWT title, I would not be the one sitting on the apron disappointed. I went back to my locker room last night, I partied, and I went to bed and finally realized I made it. It's rare that a competitors first title is the world title, I'm a rare breed. Dat Kid is a rare breed. He came out as the other world champion, thus proving he is the best of the old era and I'm the best of the new, and at this point, there is nothing anyone can say to take that away from us. All their words just fly through me, it's not worth losing sleep over sore losers and haters. I've been dreaming about holding this IWT title over my shoulder since I joined here. And now, I'll be taking it to the main event of IWTMania 2. In just a few months it'll be my 1 year anniversary of joining IWT while some of the guys who think they deserve a shot or only riding into their 3rd month. Work for 9 months like I did, you'll make it. But I don't need them, I said it at EC, I got God on my side. I didn't sign with Satan, I didn't get pushed to the title just because I sided with Dat Kid, I did it all by myself. Dat Kid is a good use for advice and credibility. We both won those titles on our own and I think it's time we get a little respect in return. It's funny that I was begging for everyone's respect months back, I gained it big time, and now I've lost it. I'm no longer asking. I'm telling you all, to respect us, or do something about it and stop running your lips."
  3. *Black Jesus is watching from Heaven*

    Jesusmania 2? Bitch ass nigga thinking he the REAL Jesus.
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