Ji Sung Park at QPR

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Left Man United and gone to QPR. Good, I love the guy but he's not technically skilled enough with the ball. Without it, he's probably one of the best in the world. All Koreans seem to be absolutely awesome without the ball though.

    Thank you Park

    The chant we used to chant at Old Trafford when he did well:

    "Park, Park,
    Wherever you may be,
    You eat dogs in your home country,
    Could be worse, could be scouse,
    Eating rats in your? council house.


  2. I love Park, he always reminded me on Asian version of Pavel Nedved. Very charismatic.
  3. Yeah, one of the most honest players too. Never dived, never stopped running, never stopped trying.
  4. Haha, awesome chant, good luck to him, hes underrated.
  5. So underrated. QPR have got themselves a little gem.
  6. Yeah, too bad I HATE QPR, wish it was us. :alone:
  7. Lol QPR are the badass team. So many red cards. Cisse and Barton will fuck you up
  8. Nicky Bailey will kick the s*** out of both of them...at the same time :boss1::boss::win:
  9. Barton shits out Baily's for breakfast!
  10. There is only one way to settle this, FIIIIIGGGGGHHHHTTT!
  11. Can he speak English?
  12. A little bit :emoji_slight_smile:.
  13. 7 years in England and can speak the language ''a little bit''.

    That's fucking sad, bro..
  14. No loss really but you had to give the guy credit as he always put 110% into playing and although he wasn't one of the greats many Utd fans do have fond memories of him for that reason.
  15. His goals against Arsenal was worth it.
  16. Precisely Crayo he did have some moments for us!
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