Jim "Fuck this Company" Cornette gets mad and leaves RoH

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Crayo, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. :cornette:
  2. That's our Jimmy!
    Probably for the best. I think Delirious will do a much better job booking it and they can get a more sensible producer behind the stage.
  3. I hope they replace him with Russo, could you imagine Cornette's reaction :lol1:
  4. I wonder if Cornette would go back to TNA, since Russo is no longer there. No way would he end up back in WWE and there's nowhere else for Cornette to go.
  5. I think TNA don't want him either. Bischoff is doing a good job as booker and Executive producer and look at TNA's current product, it has been great for most of 2012. No idea where Cornette will end up, god I hope he doesn't invade DGUSA.
  6. Maybe he should just go back to doing podcasts (like he used to do with Who's Slamming Who with Tommy Fiero) and commenting on the current state of wrestling and stay out of actual wrestling itself. At least then we'd be getting some entertaining rants in the process.
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  7. He could start a dirt sheet or something.
  8. What ever have been to Jim Cornette in WWE? I gress I was to little to remember what have been to him he just left? or was it a contract thing?
  9. He got in fights with most backstage and he had plans which weren't that good
  10. with who? And what were his plans?
  11. I don't know any off his exact plans in the WWE but he got in fights with Russo, Vince, Triple H, Stephanie, Shane. Basically all the backstage people and at least half the roster.
  12. He was running OVW and he had problems with John Laurantis, who he had to deal with on a number of occasions. But the final nail in the coffin was when he slapped Santino Marella seventeen times for not acting scared of the Boogeyman (Santino was a plant in the audience and merely laughed at the Boogeyman rather than act scared), thus making Boogeyman's whole act look silly. He was fired shortly after.

  13. :cornette: for US champion.
  14. ROH will instantly get better, I know it. Not by a large margin, but enough.

    As far as his future goes, I don't give a rats fuck. He sucks, he proved it billion times that he's a fucking mental retard, and I'll take Russo over him any day a week. And stay the hell away from DGUSA/Evolve or PWG. You've ruined enough companies, you fucking idiot. :cornette:
  15. Jim Cornette - popular on the internet, for all the wrong reasons :cornette:
  16. Bye bye, you mental fucking retard. :cornette: