Ring of Honor Jimmy Jacobs signs with WWE!

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  2. :dawg: Way to go Decade.
  3. Well, he IS insanely short and creative, a perfect role for him honestly. Probably the most underrated indie performer of his generation, simply because he was stealing from Bruiser Brody and not Chris Benoit or Michinoku Pro wrestlers.
  4. Honestly, he is better suited with the creative side than the ring side. At least IMO.
  5. Good pay day for him, still a good performer, but if it is in creative he might be there a while then if he was wrestling
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    Happy for Jimmy. One of my favorite guys from that era of independent wrestling.

    Update: Apparently he has signed on to work NXT creative. Which means we are very likely to get a new age of the fall or something of the like. Fuck yes
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  7. Jacobs & Hunter doing creative for the NXT? I thought that it couldn't get much better but apparently it can.. well hopefully it can rather.
  8. Jimmy had his retirement last night.

    Exactly nine years since uploading the ballad of Lacey

    Fun little co-incidence.
  9. And he'll supposedly start working on April 1st.
  10. Good piece to add to their creative team IMO.
  11. With all the BS we've been getting from the 'E lately, especially from the RTWM, hopefully the product improves post-WM.
  12. You pay capt @CM Punk for that avatar?
  13. I penciled a little black dot somewhere in there so it's not an exact replica :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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