Storyline Jimmy Kimmel: Will Savat Interview

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    [Jimmy Kimmel is sat at his desk after the commercial break. He stands up and tugs his suit.]

    >Kimmel: Ladies and gentlemen my next guest tonight is a professional wrestler who made big news this last week after signing with IWT. He has traveled all around the world and he is hear tonight to discuss it all. Ladies and gentlemen please give a round of an applause for 'World Class' Will Savat!

    [Kimmel claps himself as Savat steps out from the curtain to some funky jazz music from the in house band. Savat looks at the people in the audience. He cracks a little smirk as he brushes off a wave and walks over to Kimmel, greeting him with a hug before sitting down.]

    >Kimmel: Thank you so much for coming out here tonight Will, how have you been?

    >Savat: It's great to meet you Jimmy I truly am a big fan of the show. I have been good, these last few weeks have been a bit busy but it's nice to come out here and relax for once.

    >Kimmel: Well thank you, I am glad that you can relax now. So tell me. You have wrestled all over the world correct?

    >Savat: Yeah pretty much.

    >Kimmel: Then tell me. Why IWT? Why now? What is so special about that place that you said, I am going there next.

    >Savat: Well Jimmy there was a lot of factors involving my signing with IWT. The owner Michael knew who I was. He had heard of the things I have done over the globe these last few years and he was very interested into signing me to help boost the quality of his shows. IWT has been running for a long time but it has had it's ups and downs. Ever since Michael bought out IWT the ratings are improving and the shows are improving.

    Do you know the best way to get five star shows Jimmy?

    >Kimmel: How's that?

    [Jimmy smirks as Savat takes a pause and looks straight into the camera feed]

    >Savat: You put me on those shows.

    [Jimmy and the audience cracks up at the wit of Savat. Meanwhile Will is still sat there with a cocky smile on his face]

    >Kimmel: So IWT's owner Michael hired you to make his show even better?

    >Savat: Not to make his show even better. To make it the best show there is. I can wrestle with anyone, and I can beat anyone. Other IWT Superstars like myself have either been trained there or have come there to grab titles. I however have done all of this before. IWT isn't anything special to me. I don't need IWT. IWT needs me. That is the difference. That is why I can wake up each morning to the blissful smell of a paycheck. I am a world class wrestler. I am not just one of a kind, I am simply the greatest. I am the definition of excellence.

    To sum it all up, IWT needed me, so they were willing to throw a lot of money at me.

    >Kimmel: Well we all love a bit of money don't we folks. Ok. so now we know why you are here at IWT. But what I want to know is what can I expect to see Will Savat be doing on my TV?

    >Savat: Well Jimmy. I will continue to do what I have always done. Put on five star matches and take titles. This is not a game for me it is not a hobby. At the end of the day this is my job. It is my duty. So far I have been in IWT for just a week and already there is no real persons to stand out to me. There is no one I want to face, there is no one that should face me quite honestly. A king isn't fight to fight a beggar so why should I?

    >Kimmel: So there is no one in IWT who you think deserves to face you?

    >Savat: Correct. The second I walk into that locker room everyone else should be on the floor kissing my feet. I will be the one making them money. I will be the one setting IWT on a global scale. Hell Jimmy. I have only been signed for a week and already I am out here promoting IWT on national television. I am on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Tell me another superstar who has made headlines as big as me before. I am a mega star compared to the rest of these guys in IWT. They have a lot of work to pull off if they want to step up with me.

    >Kimmel: Well Will we are running out of time now unfortunately, but is there anything else you would like to add?

    >Savat: Yeah, real quick just let me send a little message to all the boys back in IWT. Take a big hard look at yourselves. Realize that you are not me. You cannot be like me. I will be wrestling you all very soon, so I expect you all to train hard and prepare yourselves for my arrival. IWT will be mine. I will conquer it. I beg any of you to grow some guts and try to stop me, because then the real fun will begin.

    >Kimmel: Will, thanks so much for coming out here. After the commercial break we have star of the new Fast and Furious movie, Vin Diesel out here to discuss the new movie. I can't wait, stay tuned!

    [Savat stands up and shakes hands with Jimmy as he walks backstage leaving the applause from the crowd]

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