Storyline JOB Squad recruitment

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  1. Farooq drives the Taco Bell near the IWT arena, just outside of the nearest Taco Bell. He gets out, and sits on the hood as he smokes a cigar. "He should be here soon.." Farooq says to himself as he takes out his phone, and waits for the people.

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  2. All of a sudden a glass panel breaks from the Taco Bell shop! It's Brian Mandela!!!

    Hey Farooq, We two are gonna kick everyone of these sum bitches until next Tuesday and then go to next Tuesday and stop one into their sorry ass and open up brianweiser, drink 1 up....2 up.....3 up......4 up.....5 up.....6 up......7 up.....8 up.......10 cases!

    and then bust into that arena and beat all of them scrawny freaks until they see chuck norris on the other side!

    Is the Job Squad the stupidest thing ever? NUH UH!
    Is it the best thing ever? UH UH!

    He hops on top and get's a cigar and pulls out a whiskey bottle and waits with Farooq.​
  3. Farooq has four Taco Bell workers fix the glass as he jumps back into the Taco mobile. "Lets do this shit then! Taco workers, get in with the secret weapon." He says as three Taco Bell workers get into the back of the vehicle, taking something covered with them.
  4. Brian asks Farooq

    "Forget the Hardcore Belt let's make a IWT Television or TV belt! That crap uglllllyyyy!"

    [​IMG] or [​IMG]
  5. "OH HELL NO! FTJ Never gets TV time, putting him with the TV title is a no no! Plus, it's the EBW, I already smashed it and made the title from it."
  6. When and if i win the Hardcore belt i'm asking if i can make it the TV belt, Hardcore crap looks ugly use the WCW Harcore belt instead, haha!
  7. and how did you make that harcore image without the background?