MMA Joe Rogan's Thoughts on CM Punk

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  1. I have to say that Joe Rogan says this absolutely perfectly. I hope Punk listens to him, but knowing him, I doubt he will.

    "I admire CM Punk for taking the chance, I really do," Rogan said. "But, it was delusional. That's my feeling, it was my feeling watching him hit the bag, when I was watching him punch things. It's not like he can't ever learn.but there's a journey as a martial artist. There's a path that each martial artist is on and different people are on different paths. There's a reason why brown belts don't compete with white belts in jiu-jitsu tournaments. It's not fair, and what we saw tonight was not fair. Mickey Gall's way better, he's really good.

    "This is what happens when you take a guy who's an elite young kid [Gall] and you have him fight a celebrity who wants to challenge himself, it's not the way to do it... If I had to give CM Punk advice, I'd say, fight as an amateur, fight people at your level. I mean, he wants to do this, he wants to continue, God bless him, he's a fun guy, I like him. But this is not the way to do it."

    Joe Rogan's Advice For CM Punk, UFC 203 Live Press Conference At 1:15 AM ET (Video) -
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  2. I agree put him on THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER!
  4. Punk is not going on the fucking Ultimate Fighter. He's too prideful for that
  5. Too prideful! he just got his ass kicked he needs to do this if he wants to be taken seriously...He should not just jump back in a Pro televised fight! Doesn't seem like dana will allow it anyway
  6. Punk is too prideful to do the fucking MMA version of American Idol.

    Do you listen to this guy? This was the guy who wanted a title fight out of the gate. He's not going to do a fucking TV show. Not to mention that he is already under a UFC contract so he couldn't take part either way.
  7. Well dana said that he may not be fighting in UFC again at this point that's the only redemption I see for him to be back under those main event lights Gotta tuck your tail between your legs sometimes brother!
  9. Pride did not stop this dork from balling his eyes out last night.
  10. So if Dana said he's not fighting in the UFC again he's not showing up in the ultimate fighter either. Since it is a UFC product.

    If Punk wants to continue this. He needs to go to the smaller leagues. Amateur MMA, smaller feds like Cage Warriors. Because he is not a MMA fighter. He's a rich guy who wants to play MMA fighter.
  11. You stated that he was under contract with UFC Tho so I assumed that since he shouldn't be put right back in the octagon put him in the house he gets training UFC still makes more money off of him being in the house #Win #Win for both parties

    And true obviously he isn't a MMA fighter he needs way more training but is it too late he is 37 years old? Idk kinda wish he would have just stayed in the WWE but hey a man has to chase his dream right.....It's ok Punk take your millions from the loss and go home fuck your wife!
  12. Dana said "his next fight should not be in the UFC". That hints that Dana is going to cut him. Which indicates the UFC does not want him anymore.

    This was probably Dana's plan from the start. Sign Punk, give him a match and milk whatever small amount of extra buys (because Punk is probably not a big draw for MMA). Watch him get destroyed. Drop him for underperforming.

    Dana's smart like that. He milked Punk's need to prove himself as a legit fighter and got what he wanted from him. Now out he goes.
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  13. That's so fucked up! #Business I guess
  14. Not sure why UFC didn't have him go to their numerous subsidiaries first. If he had cut his teeth on the smaller circuit, then he would've gained respect in the mainstream MMA world, and would've been a better fighter. But I guess that would've killed some of his novelty.

    Kind of feel bad for him, but I'm sure he knew what he was getting into.
  15. Age is probably the main factor. He's 37 and has over a decade of wrestling behind him. He's not built for a long term MMA career
  16. But wouldn't have been great if he did win! Coming out to his theme music his wife and other WWE superstars in attendance I wish he could have knocked that smile off Vince's face I know he is happy that punk lost low-key
  17. No it would not. Because it would not have become anything long term. Punk is not fit/athletic enough to have a long term UFC career, especially at his age.

    Punk's no saint either. He is an entitled knobhead who acts like a **** to most everyone he meets and plays the victim card when people bite back at him.

    This is the guy who killed his friendship with Colt Cabana because Cabana went backstage and hung with friends at a RAW taping, and cut off his almost ten year friendship with Hornswoggle because Hornswoggle asked if he had the number to a girl they both knew that Swoggle wanted to ask out.

    Punk is not Rocky Balboa with the odds stacked against him. Punk's a millionaire who thought he could play MMA fighter and got his ass handed to him by a guy who does it for a living.
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  18. Didn't know about hornswoggle yea man that's deep but Im a fan of CM PUNK not Phil Brooks if that makes sense
  19. Colt Cabana and CM Punk were at the AAW show in Berwyn a week or so back, so the rumor of him cutting ties with Cabana, isn't true.
  20. (I will preface this by saying that I am a big punk nuthugger by this forum's standards)

    Actually, there are several reports saying that Punk wanted to go to lower companies before receiving the offer from the UFC, and he went as far as saying that he was willing to go to TUF, but Dana said he could go to a main card and it was essentially a no-brainer.

    You might think it's bullshit, but literally every piece of information I ever came accross on this stated that Punk was obsessed with doing MMA far before Dana contacted him. I really don't see why he wouldn't want to go to TUF, assuming he is in it for the fun and knowing he never said he thought he could be a world beater, it's disingenuous to assume literally everything he has no basis on truth whatsoever, specially when compared to the other things celebrities can do after retired, he had almost nothing to gain from this whole ordeal.

    As a Sidenote, I want the UFC create a celebrity TUF, so I can watch rich people beat the shit out of each other.