Joel Rain's Open Challenge

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  1. *Joel Rain walks out to the ring with a leather jacket*​
    "I know what you're all thinking, 'Oh shit, this guy's in leather, take him seriously." Let me tell you that you are 100% correct. I am in leather, and you should take me seriously.​
    You see, after losing the United States Championship, I've been thinking. In some point of that thought process I remembered this is IWT, we don't think, we fight!"​
    *The crowd lets out a loud cheer*​
    "So that lit a fire beneath me, that fire hurt because it was real fire, and it was just Farooq holding a lighter by my ass.​
    Anyway, that led me to come out here and hold an open challenge for anyone that wants to go one on one with Joel Rain, oh yeah, Joel Rain just went into third person, it's all business now.​
    So is somebody gonna come out here or what? I need to get this jacket back to Frank before he noticed that I stole it."​

  2. *Adam and Jacob and watching backstage, They laugh*

    Id love to see who will destroy him next *Laughs*
  3. I seriously almost pissed myself laughing at the leather joke.