Storyline Joey Bryant will win the Royal Rumble

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  1. The Cure stand perfectly still in the backstage interview area. Dat Kid paces back and forth in front of them for a moment. Dat Kid makes a sudden turn to the camera


    Ladies and Gentlemen, it is FAR from over. I told you once and I'll tell you again...I always win. When I'm winning I'm winning, when I'm tying I'm winning, when I'M LOSING I AM WINNING!

    Even if I'm not the man of the hour, I'm the man in the back puppeteering the man of the hour, making the puzzles, pushing the dominos, and oiling the gears in the well crafted machine that is the IWT. I want the competitors in the back to look back on their careers right now, where you stand in the IWT and I can guarantee you can trace where you are right back to me if you think hard enough.

    Since the beginning, I've been the man behind curtain! I am the WIZARD OF OZ! I AM THE CREATOR OF IWT! Britanica may have made the shiny little trinkets, but I am the man who MADE the trinkets! Then I made sure that her ass got tossed out and was the key player in making sure Humpty Dumpty Jonathan took her place on the wall.

    How does he repay me hmmmm? Humpty Dumpty shits on my wall, so I pushed him off! And ohhh did he have such a great fall!

    Now with Humpty Dumpty off my wall
    It's time for me to rule them all!
    I told you I was God and you turned your backs
    And now 24 of you are caught in my trap
    It's The Cure, Alias, Joey & Frie
    Who are tired of you and now love me!
    No one man should have all this power
    So I introduce Joey Bryant, the man of the hour

    Dat Kid pretends to be pulling a puppet on a string as he motions Joey, Frie, and Alias @THG? @Friemasterflex @DK James to come in front of the camera.
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  2. Chris Kaizer: Everyone I hate all in one group...awesome!
  3. *Joey walks right into the camera, he looks at Dat Kid, and nods. He then looks to Alias, the new X-Division champion and smiles. He pats Frie on the shoulder. He then turns back to the camera.*

    "Do not be alarmed, children. And fans of mine, of course. I seem to have... a lot of those recently, don't I? Two of the men in this group just went through war and one came out with the others title which honestly I've been waiting for a long time but that's besides the fact because we all have one goal. Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Joey Bryant. And through the last month Dat Kid has been trying to pull me into this sick group, trying to get me to realize I need no one. Frie, standing behind me, he's a solid asset. He's my best friend, but I did not need him during my rise. I did that all on my own. Dat Kid realized that, he knew I deserved all the respect I earned and it took me until now to realize that. I was the IWT Breakout Star of the Year and you know, it's time I start acting like it. Before I go out in that arena later and throw 10+ men over the rope, I do not want to hear the sound of boos. It will only make things worse because although I ally myself with this man, it's a career decision. It's my key to greatness. If someone in the crowd right now offered each and every one of you fame and fortune you would all take it in a heart beat, don't act like you wouldn't. Before I get the petty "You Sold Out" chants, I have not. I'm still the same man, I'm still... a martyr."

    *He pauses and turns his head a bit to look at Dat Kid, who has been staring at Joey the entire time.*

    "But I'm a martyr for God. I'm a martyr for this company, I've always been here to save this company and prove that the new era of IWT is here. No longer is Senhor Perfect or Christian headlining Wrestlemania but it is soon going to be guys like myself. Alias Antonio, Jwab, Frie. I had... 2 shots at the world title. Both of them snatched away by Aids, a man who Dat Kid has also lost to before for the title. We share a bond there. We both want him removed and as much as I respect Aids for all he's done for my career I also despise the man he turned into at the Slammy's. Without the coward move I may have never joined up here, but I need that ticket to Wrestlemania. I'm done with pre-shows, that was a one and only thing. I'm done with mid-card, I'm done with 30 man brawls... after tonight. These guys behind me, as much as they'll hate to do it, they're going to send me to Wrestlemania. And it's funny because even if they deny to help, Dat Kid and myself would not be afraid to lay them out ourselves. Even Frie, if it came down to it hell I'd throw him over the top rope if he decided to backstab me. But he won't do that, because although he never got attention in 2013 he's here to show he deserves praise now. Jwab wants to prove the same, Alias has already proved it, and David, well, I suppose he has as well. I established my legacy, I could end my career now and still come back in a couple months and people would remember me but that's not where I want to stop. Main eventing this company's headline show of the year is literally what's best for business and as much as I hate to admit it, with the target I have on MY back, I don't think I could do it alone. The match is supposed to be every man for himself but well, this year, we're changing the rules."

    *He backs up behind Dat Kid and talks over his shoulder.*

    "The martyr rises....again."
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  4. *Alias simpers at Joey and walks over to the centre of the camera. He polishes up his belt, smirking in the process*

    I have nothing to comment on about my momentous victory, because the match illustrates everything itself. Easy work.

    You may be wondering and pondering as to why I am stood here right at this moment with people I absolutely loathe. Especially the man I just beat up to a bloody pulp*

    *Alias looks back at The Cure, Joey and Frie, then stares back at the camera*

    Simple. The Rumble is all about the numbers game, and whoever has the most numbers on their side is bound to dominate this Rumble. I am in an alliance with The Order, and I am in an alliance with these 5 men stood behind me. Hate them or not, they will be unstoppable in this Royal Rumble, and you sure as hell bet that I'm going to be unstoppable in this Royal Rumble. I have they back........and they HAVE mine.

    The Order, The Cure, Joey, Frie, and a newly won X-Division title. on my side.

    *Alias walks back to his previous position*
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