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  1. Nick walks out to his usual pyro at the perfect moment as usual. His patented slow walk just screams 'boo me', but he gets a surprisingly large pop. Taken aback by this, he makes a few puzzled looks at the audience. Nick is wearing his new hoodie that says, 'The time is now' on the front and 'NWT' on the back. He leaps onto the apron and looks at the crowd. He puts his hand to his ears and the crowd pops. He laughs and jumps over the apron. He gets a mic and looks at the crowd.

    Nick: "How are y'all feeling tonight?"

    *Mixed reaction now*

    "Now that was a bit more expected. Alright. So you might be wondering; Why is the savior of the IWT out here right now? There's no match. No, there isn't a match. I am here for something more important. I am here to talk about the IWT championship tournament - specifically my opponent. Joey Bryant.

    *Crowd boos*

    "Now, as you guys know, I am usually not one to agree with people. But right now, I'm in 100% agreement right now. What he did was unacceptable. Which is why I am here. I'm calling him out!"

    *Crowd pops*

    Wait Joey, before you come out, I want you listening to me. I'm not gonna kick your ass - yet. I want to talk some sense into you. What you're doing is wrong. Joining the Cure may seem great and all in the beginning, but it's essentially career suicide. You're probably wondering how. I'll tell you. Aids is there. He isn't there out of respect for his fellow teammates. He's only there to use them, and stab you in the back! Georgie? I have a small ounce of repsect for him, but he uses the Cure's numbers to win. Not out of respect like a true team is. Joey, you're only there to add to their numbers. You aren't there because they respect you or your ability. Stop it.

    Joey, you were one of the few people I had some respect for. You were an honorable competitor, a good man. But the key word there is that you WERE. I've lost every ounce of respect for you. I was really looking forward to our match. No involvement from the Cure. No involvement from the Crusade. Just an honorable fight between two honorable men. But now, this match won't be the same. We could have had the match of the year out there! But now, it's all changed.

    But even your numbers game won't be enough! I'm the best competitor in the IWT and I'll prove that by taking out every single member of the Cure. It all stars with you my friend.

    *Crowd pops*

    No matter. If I can't talk sense into you, then I'll beat it into you!"

    *Nick throws the mic down and takes his hoodie off. He screams "Be a man!" The crowd goes crazy and chants Nick Nick Nick*

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  2. Announcer: Oh not this joke. He makes me sick after what he did.
    Announcer 2: Shhhh. I want to see his first promo after that pipebomb.

    *The crowd lets off heavy boos as Joey Bryant walks out onto the stage with the same Cure T-shirt on as last night. He has a mic in hand already and the moment his music cuts off, he begins to laugh sadistically*

    "Look at this hero! I remember just not too long ago I was just like you. That IWT Championship tournament is close, I know man. I really don't have much to say now my dear Nicholas... I was going to save this for our match. You're correct, I think we both had some kind of mutual respect for each other before this match. Hell, I was pulling for you in that battle royal! I should have said this when I revealed I've been in the Cure all along, but respect only goes a certain length. How far is respect going to get anyone in this company? Not very far, I'll tell you that. If I could of fought for that X-Division title with pure respect, I would have won. Look where it got me..."

    *He pauses and slowly begins laughing and walking down the ramp.*

    "You state that this is my career suicide... maybe. But I said I wanted the IWT universe to die for me, I wanted everyone to die for me! I am their martyr! There's a king in the Cure, a porn star, a legend, but never a martyr. You're correct, Aids is going to stab us all in the back. Thing is, I don't care. What you said about Georgie is not true. In fact, I bet he could beat you with one arm and one leg amputated! And... and let me get this straight. You think I care if my brothers in the Cure respect me or my ability? Hell no! I stated previously the Cure are a bunch of pathetic scumbags!"

    *The crowd boos at Joey.*

    Announcer: I don't understand him still... he constantly calls out his own group and trashes them but is loyal!
    Announcer 2: He truly is messed up in his brain. Farooq must of kicked his head the wrong way...

    "You saying you'll beat respect into me is laughable..."

    *Joey rolls into the ring and just glares at Nick.*
  3. Nick laughs. "I've been called insane - hell I am a crazy motherfucker - but you are on another level my friend. You bash the Cure you even ADMIT Aids will stab you all in the back but you are STIll going to support and be loyal to them? Man, you're either playing me or you're actually crazy.

    Nick coughs and paces back and forth

    You saw me in that battle royal. That means you saw how DEADLY I can be in the ring. I almost killed one of those guys. I'll do that to you - except maybe I'll kill you! I'm a blackbelt, I'm the most athletic man on the face of the earth, I'm an MMA master. What have you got on your resume? Nothing. Nothing other than that you're in the Cure. Not very impressive Joseph.

    Nick laughs and comes to a stop.

    And you really think me beating the sense into you is laughable?

    Steps closer

    Tell me. Is this laughable?

    Nick throws the mic down and goes in for a roundhouse kick. The crowd begins going crazy

    OOC: I didn't want to go Superman, so I didn't actually kick you, giving you either the chance to dodge or take it.
  4. *Joey gets hit in the head with the kick. He falls to the ground and rolls out of the ring fast holding his head with a furious look on his face at Nick. He picks up his mic outside the ring.*

    "I'll fucking teach you some manners! That's not how you deal with people clearly better than you! That tournament... they might as well call you Mr.1st round. See you then kid..."

    *He drops his mic and walks out.*