News John Cean being sued

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Oct 5, 2013.

  2. Oh my,I wish Cean the best of luck.
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  3. So that guy wants fast money... Only 15k bucks for a lifetime injury? I believe it's a lie
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. I smell a quick grab for cash. Probably wouldn't sue just Cena (to whom $15,000 is nothing) if it wasn't one.
  7. I hope Dale Ducharme wins... whoever the fuck that is.
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  8. I wondered who Cean was. :haha:

    Love that it took three years for the guy to sue and even then only for $15,000. Hope he's stayed out of work the whole time.
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  9. Hmmmm, 3 years to grow a pair.

    This doesn't really seem like a lot or a big deal, but I guess I should wish Cena the best of luck. Also he doesn't need it for reasons that Punk pointed out :cole:
  10. Lies. ALL LIES! Wouldn't you sue within a few months? And Cena couldn't have been held responsible for a scaffolding that he did not partake in building. Sure, it's his house. But, he was too busy kickin' out at 2. Don't construction workers follow WWE?
  11. Wow, this guy is a dumbass for suing Cean. Do that not know who he is?
  12. Sounds pretty weird.
  13. it's 15k ffs. If he is right, pay him. It doesnt matter if it was 3 years ago.
  14. Cena needs to pay out this isnt good publicity for himself or WWE and he earns shit loads so 15K is nothing to him
  15. But how is it Cena's fault if a goddamn CONSTRUCTION WORKER got hurt while DOING HIS JOB???

    It's not like Cena can't pay such a low price, but just because you're at someone's house doing a job there doesn't mean it's the owner of the houses fault.

    Unless Cena attitude adjusted him off the roof. That would be a different story. ^_^
  16. Just pay up Cena, c'mon.
  17. PAY UP JOHN! It's time to pay, for serious.
  18. Crayo, answer the questions. Who is John Cean?
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  19. John had work done on his house so clearly he didnt check up on the construction worker to see how things were coming along and now hes injured John needs to pay up