John Cena and The Rock at Each Other Again On Twitter

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Cena owned him or The Rock?
  2. Owned each other. Couldn't care about it though, I simply don't care about a WWE feud having a better build on fucking twitter.
  3. Well at least we have a sneak peek of what will be trending worldwide #FuckTwitterAcquireHashtags
  4. nobody was really "owned" just another one of their back and forths
  5. This "fued" is a total fail. That is all.

    Edit- Actually that isn't all, I'm pretty sure Rock has made no reference to Cena's sexuality?
  6. The Rock/John Cena feud is one worth talking about since this feud became big using social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and etc. Unlike previous feuds with Stone Cold, Jericho, and etc, The Rock and Cena are dominating social media to hype up this match and at WM 28 it will be a "Once In A Lifetime Match"
  7. Yeah WWE are doing a good job marketing this match, even if the build up did suck until the last episode. They'll break their Wrestlemania buyrates record for sure.
  8. After a year...sticks and stones via twitter is just so laughable. I cannot believe WWE actually missed the ball with Rock vs Cena.
  9. With Rock's limited appearances they couldn't really do much more imo. It's been bad but it's partly excusable.
  10. Thats true granted. Then again I wonder if these promos void of action would seem less repetitive and boring if we hadnt already heard each mans promo a week before fragmented through twitter haha!
  11. I'm a big hater of Twitter too. I'm not a hater of social media emphasizing feuds but they were making things like "kung pow chicken" and stuff trend, which was boring. It wasn't until the end promo where they were actually serious.
  12. Agreed. I don't know if you have seen the new YouTube promos from Rock and Cena but wow are they bad.

    Rock talks about Charlie Bit My Finger and Cena claims Rock will "Pee & Crap" himself.
  13. Didn't see the Cena one, I don't think I wanted to. I lol'd at the Rock one, but still, it's not WM worthy promos I agree. Though, I'm still excited as fuck about this match lol.
  14. Mom jokes are just not done imo.
    If someone does that to me, kay or not, I'll punch 'em.