John Cena the party animal?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Meshuggah, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

    Get it John, get it :pP
  2. Mmm I know, I love me some mickie james.

    WHATS THIS!? The miz coppin a feel? Now THATS awesome!

  3. Agreed
  4. Nice! Good for him.
  5. Yes, indeed.

    But lets not forget kelly kelly the drunkard:



    Pretty sure her drunk ass is pissing in that sink, and rockin at it to boot.
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  6. Oh my after going through this thread. I've been struck....
    Show Spoiler
    :yes: :otunga:
  7. Proof john cena could be gay? Is that spit or something else? You be the judge.

  8. I just came to a large conclusion, that is spit cumming from his mouth.
  9. Or leftovers from backstage.
  10. :isee:

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  11. John needs to learn to finish his food. Don't talk with your mouth full next time Johnny boy :pP
  12. :haha: look at where those eyes land, bullseye!
  13. John: "BOOBIES!"
  14. She looks like she is going to barf all over his face.

    I know I would.
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  15. Either that, or she has one of the most weirdest looking orgasm faces around the town.
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