Jonathan/Dat Kid's Office

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  1. Just like Brit's but since these guys are in charge had to change it around.
  2. Why did you make the thread?
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  3. Exactly. I tried to get it deleted but Crayo said fuck no, so...

    Adam just likes to feel important.
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  4. How ironic.
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  5. I don't share an office with Jonathan because Jonathan's office is the janitor's broom closet.

    OOC: it's a good thread, keep it open
  6. What the hell are you talking about? There was Brit's office but she isnt here anymore so thats why I made it. No need to be an asshole about it.
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  7. OOC: Jonathan & Adam, before this goes any further, settle down. This thread will serve as an aid to kayfabe as well as questions/concerns.
  8. This is why Dat kid is our new mod. I agree with your post, however i do agree that management should set up things like this. Brita set her own, if From wants one or jonofag does, that is up to them.
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  9. Jacob made the idea and her thread.
  10. I don't think it really matters who set it up, so lets not get on Adam for taking the initiative of making one. It's really not that big of deal where it needs to be discussed, what's done is done
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  11. Thanks for considering me a genius lol. I just asked Brit if she'd like to have it and she liked the idea because people in the backstage thread were always like "*enters Brit's office*" so if anyone had a question, problem or just wants to have a match, they came there and said it. My idea was a chaos and Brit opened her own office.
  12. He didn't say you were a genius.
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  13. I know he didn't but I'm so important that I say he called me genius
  14. OOC: Lets get this back on topic now :)
  16. Lmfao
  17. Whats so funny about it?
  18. *Dat Kid pisses on Jonathan's desk, puts gay porn on his computer, turns the volume all the way up, and limps out of the office*
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  19. *Britanica catches the door before it closes behind the GM*

    *She looks around curiously at what once was her office*

    *She then proceeds to take out an envelope, unmarked and leaves it on the desk*

    "Change... Is the only thing that is certain..."

    *She walks out of the office*
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  20. Aids walks in, laughing as he enters. A group of clowns enter, making stupid noises with their fake noses, and making creepy clown sounds as they spray confetti all over the room, silly string everywhere. Aids throws out a bag full of pennies all over the floor, and starts laughing as he randomly chants "hey hey hey," as he walks out of the room, the clowns jump and fight over the thousands of copper all over the floor, making an even bigger mess of the place.
  21. God dammit Aids! *slips on banana peel*
    *Studio Auidience laughs & Dat Kid looks directly at the camera*
    Just my luck! :downer:
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