Storyline Jonathan is racist

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    Dat Kid walks through the curtains with The Cure and heads straight for the ring. Kid climbs the top turnbuckle and stands completely balanced, surveying the crowd. The Cure remains at ringside, guarding the way between the ramp and the ring. Kid grabs a mic.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a sinner amongst us! Lucifer himself has risen from hell and taken the form of fat, pasty white, tub of lard lookin' faggot. This particular fatass just so happens to be Co-General Manager of the IWT, but they should start calling him the Genital Manager, cause the only thing you do is sit on your ass and watch pornography, while the rest of the IWT does all YOUR work! Then you have the audacity, to get an attitude with God, the being who was your #1 supporter in putting you in charge of the IWT. How dare you try and undermine me. You should be on your knees every time I'm walking backstage!

    I've let it slide for months now cause I figured "hey maybe he has valid reasoning for being a complete dick", but this happens EVERY time!. Anything and everything I do in the IWT, you're the 1st man to oppose it. You did it when I was champion and you screwed me out of the title because I was a little late to the arena and then I was never given a rematch because Gohan, another racist no good motherfucker injured me, and what do you Jono? Instead of suspending him for injuring me, you go out and give him a main event IWT Championship title match. When Jacob Colton blatantly interfered in my match with Gohan, instead of Gohan losing via disqualification, you come out and rule the match as a no contest! Had Senhor Cracker been late you would have extended the promo period for an additional week! Had I crippled a superstar, you would have gotten on your segway and rushed down to the ring and suspended me. Had I gotten someone to interfere in the match with Gohan my ass would have been sent packing!

    And it's just not that either. When I was in IWT Creative, doing ALL the booking, making this place run better it ever had, you got jealous the a black guy did your job three times better than you. So what do you do? You go out and you undermine all my decisions, you object my word at EVERY corner, you take credit for all of MY ideas, and then you push me out of corporate! Then you try to act all sympathetic with some half hearted speech with Elton John music playing in the background, when in all actuality you had a big ol' celebration with all your Klan members later that night!

    And it's not just something from the past, you're still doing it TODAY! You make me have a match for my IWT Championship shot at Elimination Chamber with Dolph's whatever the fuck his name is and you COST me the match! The fact that the MOST dominant IWT superstar isn't in the Elimination Chamber and some guy who's barely been here for more than a week is in, just goes to show how DESPERATE you are to make sure a black person never wins the IWT Championship. It's not only me either! Farooq, a man who has held 6 titles, and has the greatest win/loss record of any IWT superstar in history hasn't gotten more than 1 shot at the title! How do you explain that Jonathan? "Oh, I gave him a spot in the qualifying rounds hurhurhurhurhur" HE'S ALREADY OVERQUALIFIED! And tell me why David, the longest reigning X-Division Champion always had to be put in multi-man matches for the X-Division title. Were you that desperate to get rid of him? While Aids Johnson gets fights in multi man matches only here and there, which only seems to be against Victoria Parker. By the way, anyone notice Victoria Parker getting a title shot after attacking me at the wedding. You expect me to believe that's a coincidence? I guess you don't like interracial marriages either.

    Now, you're coming out here saying I can't have dark matches? Explain to me why I can't have a dark match? When every other motherfucker can have a dark match? I had 5 matches at the Slammy's and that was the choice of me and my competitors. There is NO rule that says I can't compete when I want! TELL ME WHERE IT SAYS THAT! Had it been any other competitor you would have allowed it.

    So Jonathan, it's pretty obvious what's going on here. You hate black people! So since you've got the balls to interfere in every single thing I do, whether it be backstage or in this ring, why don't you come down and interfere right now! Bring your fat ass down that ramp and I don't care if we have to wait 6 hours for someone to wheel you down to the ring like Free Willy. I wanna hear you say it Jonathan. Come out here on the eve of Black History Month and say you hate *****s, just like you say behind my back on a regular basis!
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  2. Senhor Cracker? :sad1:
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  3. OOC: But you're my cracker <3
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  4. OOC: :yay:
  5. Asks people to vote in his matches, doesn't read other people's promos #AidsLogic
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  6. I dont gotta ask anymore brah :boss1:
  7. Wanna make a bet you ask when VP is in the lead?
  8. of course I will. 4 month sig/avatar/userbar bet i dont ask for anyone to vote via pm or status.
  9. 1 month and you have a deal
  10. Deal.
  11. I have the greatest win/loss record? :yay:
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