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  1. Please stop stickying everything, it defeats the purpose of stickied threads...

    You have more stickied threads on the first page than unstickied threads.

  2. You changed your name? :shock:
  3. I only sticky the vote/promo threads so that people can keep track. Also learn to PM.
  4. [​IMG]

    That's so ridiculous, can you please fix it? Stickied threads are meant to be the highly important threads that might get lost otherwise; this section doesn't get enough new threads for the important promo threads to be lost.
  5. Don't close my thread please...
  6. Close the thread!

  7. Yeah it isn't a sticky any more it's just the front page lol.
  8. @"Dirk Diggler" can you unsticky some? I would but I have no idea what means what in this section.
  9. Urm I rarely use this section but to rant about people and pretend it's kayfabe engage with you lovely people so I don't really know what to get rid of. Unstuck the important information and the DX predictions one as it was locked anyway.

    @Jonathan do the matches need stickying? Won't they just be bumped back up.
  10. Dw I'll tader it up. Closing this.