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  1. Dear @Solidus @Stopspot

    I, Bill Clinton, 42nd president of the United States, am making this thread in compliant of Jonathan and his running of IWT and his actions. I feel, as many others, that he is not fit for this job. For many reasons.

    1. The way he declines to share the voting forum with Trip so we can get results faster
    2. Match results taking forever to get posted
    3. Various cases of favoring certain competitors
    4. Fails to include Trip even as though Trip is acting GM (see #1)
    I am certain many more will post more reasons as why he should be revoked of his duties or have his duties limited. And just in case you think it would be acceptable to remove this Jono, I was given permission from Stop and Soli.

    Man Who Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman
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  2. 1: will be resolved soon, votes will be held here instead of on Google Docs.
    2: fixing number 1 fixes this as well
  3. Decline to share the voting forum? What? It's on my google account, I'm not going to let someone else log on my google account. Edit: Also, Trip wanted to keep me running things. It's not like I've demanded anything. I stepped back and let Trip tell me what he wanted me to do.
    Most of the time I get the results up as soon as they finish, but I don't live on the forum.
    Favouring certain competitors? Examples please.
    Me and Trip have like a 40 page PM about IWT, we discuss everything. Just because you don't know about it it doesn't mean we don't talk about it.

    Why would I remove this? This is no different than Aids multiple attempts and the Aids-DZ saga, I don't care what people say.

    Also, I don't run IWT. I don't know how many times I need to say this but I guess I better say it again.

    I don't run IWT
    I don't run IWT
    I don't run IWT
    I don't run IWT
    I don't run IWT
  4. Those google doc pages are easily shareable. You just press the share button and add the email adress of the person you wish to share the document with.
  5. That's true actually, I did that for the week that I was on holiday. It's not a case of not wanting to share it, it doesn't bother me, it's just a case of me not thinking of that ^ and it's never been common enough for anyone to actually mention is as an issue bar the odd complaint.
  6. Trip is involved isn't he? Also who has he favoured? Every other Fed has fallen to the wayside but IWT has survived for so long with Jono at the helm so he can't be as bad as people make out.
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  7. Thank you
  8. This has happened countless times. Aids has tried, DZ has tried. But Jono always still finds himself in a position of power. Frankly, I'm pretty tired of complaining because nothing ever gets done. Maybe this time something will, but we all know Jono will defend his spot to death. This isn't a case of pointing out cases or examples, EVERYONE knows by now who Jono is and what he does. He's done some good, but the bad always outweighs the good and the bad is something he does way too often. It's simple. Jono isn't the adequate guy to RUN IWT, and don't give me the BS that you don't run IWT because literally everything on here needs your green light and approval and I think that's just the stupidest thing ever. Ideas and thoughts to make IWT a better place get shot down by you most of the time, and being honest, I'm surprised whenever something suggested in creative actually plays out onto the actual IWT section. If you want an example, I'll give it to ya.

    The recent tag tourney held by Stop and Shadow in an attempt to INCREASE (yeah, increase, not decrease) activity in this lacking section I believe was shot down by you, so Stop and Shadow had to go into business for themselves.

    The reasons TNH listed are good enough reasons IMO to repudiate Jonathan from any involvement in IWT. And if he's adamant on staying, let him make match threads, but PLEASE, leave him out of any decision-making.

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    First part, 100% wrong. It hasn't been like that for months and months, before Trip became GM.

    Second part, where's your proof? I've actually just looked and I can't find anything about me saying no to it.

    The rest is just babble designed to make your post look respectful and of good quality, you only don't like me because of what happened in that title match, so don't try to act like it's anything else. Because before then we barely spoke.

    Edit: Regarding the 2nd part, here's the thread about the tag tourney, I didn't even post on it >

    And here's the only thread I can find on it in Creative, which @Solidus can see, - and my only input on that thread was 1 post and not even related to the tournament.
  10. You did say in the reworking the schedule thread that we should hold of on it instead of just going with it
  11. Thanks, found it now.

    Here, @THG? - here's my post - it's also my only post regarding the tournament.


    I'm clearly not shooting it down. The only reason I said to wait is because Stop said he was going with it after only he and Seabs had had input on the thread. Surely he was doing what you all shoot me down for doing, taking things into my own hands, right? Or does that not apply to other people, just me?

    You see. You don't even know half the story and just take it as gospel. But that's cool.
  12. Oh, look at you bringing up the IWT Title match. Nothing to do with that, but yes, I do dislike you, congrats. Doesn't mean I'm gonna throw insults left and right here, I was asked to make a "well-formulated post regarding Jonathan" and that is what I did.

    I was told you thought the tag tourney was a bad idea, which didn't surprise me. I just feel you're not fit for this job anymore. And trust me, it's really nothing personal even if I do dislike you. I just think the IWT would be better off without you.
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  13. Of course it's to do with that, you didn't dislike any random post of mine before that. Stop lieing to yourself, but I'm not getting into a debate about that anyway.

    So who told you that then? Because who ever it was is clearly talking shit, as proved above.
  14. What happened then just made me dislike you more, but in no way was I fond with you before that. I've been vouching for you being removed ever since Aids started saying so.

    I was told by the organizers of the tourney last month that you didn't think it was a particularly good idea.
  15. So it was either Stop or Shadow, and considering only Stop is in staff... hmm.
  16. why do you care so much anyway if you know you didn't say it
  17. Doesn't matter, found out.
  18. The logo fiasco? lol.

    Trip accepted the 1st logo and you shot it down and made your own. Trip even said he was gonna wait for you to make a decision, why would he do that?
  19. What logo did we even use? I have no idea. All I did was make a second one, I didn't tell him to use it? And I didn't shoot it down, pretty sure I said it was shit, which it was
  20. People have been complaining about Jono since the start lol. Why's he still 'in charge'? lel
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