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  1. The Abyss-Joseph Park character development is a long term storyline that will eventually play out( :youdontsay: ) according to a report by PWInsider.

    dirtsheets [​IMG]
  2. Damn, that sucks, #WeWantAbbys.

    Park's character can :gtfo:
  3. Park > Abyss, this is fresh while Abyss grew dull. You could use the Joeseph Park gimmick for a few years before he snaps back into Abyss mode for one more run.
  4. I personally can't get enough of Parks, it was a great idea.
  5. Who is this "we" you're talking about?
    I think most of us (and most TNA fans in general) fucking love the Joseph Park character.

    Joseph Park for TV Champion. And GM. And Divorce Attorney. And Referee. And Aces and Eight's negotiator.

    One does not simply give Joseph Park enough job titles.
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  7. I really like what Abyss is trying to do, it's a fresh new stroyline and I like it, we have seen the evolution of Joseph Parks
  8. Park is fucking awesome!
  9. The "we" I was talking about is me and my friends in real life who enjoy wrestling, we prefer Abbys because he's more extreme and doesn't look like a stupid rookie who doesn't know how to fight, the only good thing is when he bleeds because he turns into another wrestler and looks pretty damn cool
  10. Nothing but 2 words, Park SUCKS!
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  11. That's what I think, I'm not the only one here who thinks this :yay:
  12. Park is the bomb.
  13. So it's 2:100000000000000000000
  14. Yeah, but we are better than you
  15. Why you gotta be so hurtful. Just throwing out the facts.
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  16. Guys what you find in this Park? Entertainment? Come on!
  17. You damn right.
  18. at being marks
  19. He doesn't entertain me actually, he just bores me. I mean even the storyline is lame. He came here to find his brother and he doesn't even call his name now. And still he couldn't have the transformation. How can one of the greatest hardcore performers in todays wrestling become such a joke?
  20. Park has some of the best facial expressions in history. He makes a pussy lawyer work in a professional wrestling business, and does it to a standard where he is one of the best at playing his character in the business. That's talent. You're sucked in. Even the smarks are like "Wow, he's getting stronger as he learns the business", and he forces to to forget that he's actually Abyss. We know it's Abyss, but when you watch him, you completely forget about that. That is how good Park is.

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