Josh Nichol's Debut - DEBUT!

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  1. Josh Nichols goes through the curtains and comes out to no reaction.
    He is wearing a black suit and looks snazzy.

    Josh enters the ring and poses a bit before grabbing a mic.
    Josh Nichols: You people are probably wondering who I am!? Well let me tell you!

    I am...

    A fan cuts him off and yells. "Hey, it's the twitchy weather dude!"

    Josh Nichols: What are you...

    Another fan cuts off Josh, "Yeah, it's the twitch weather dude! And he's skinny!"

    Josh Nichols takes the comment as a compliment and acts like it meant nothing.

    Josh Nichols: Well, I did lose weight. BUT WHOSE BRAGGIN? Wait, isn't this my debut?

    An audience member shouts at Josh and gets his attention. He starts to mock Josh and does the twitch which brings back Josh's memory to that day.

    Josh Nichols looks disgruntled as he reminisces that moment.

    Josh Nichols: That was 9 years ago... YEARS AGO!

    Audience members start mocking Josh as he gets angry.
    Josh exits the ring and grabs an audience member from the collar.

    Josh Nichols: YOU WANNA TUSSLE!

    Josh Nichols is embarrassed and runs off to the back.
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  2. OOC: Best Promo EVAR!
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  3. Not sure if it's being a direct Josh Nickels, Parker was Drake's last name.

    Roadster: Josh! It's absolutely great to have you here! So i want you to have a match. We have a guy here by the name of Fish Boy, and i was wondering if you would like to face him at the PRE-SHOW at ICW Caution this Saturday, LIVE from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois!?
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    Josh yells, "I don't care!" as he runs off to the back.
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