Storyline Judas Frye.

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  1. Studio 72 is lively tonight,the Frye’s has thrown together a party in celebration of his new “family” member. All of LA’s socialites and biggest names are in attendance. The erotic purple and pink lighting casts over everyone dancing and socializing in the middle of the art room. The men in bunny masks work as the security, the bartenders and chefs for tonight. They Also set up a small stage for Jason's introduction. The Frye's have yet to show themselves but the song cuts off abruptly and voice begins to blare over party.

    Ladies and Gentlemen...Arno and Elise Frye!

    The Frye's arrive from behind the small stage, dressed rather formally. The wave to the party people as they receive applause. Arno grabs the microphone that was left on the stage for him and begins his speech with Elise by his side.

    I brought you all here tonight for a very special occasion. You see there was this lost soul that came calling to me. He desperately needed my I gave it to him. He came here broken, ignorant and child-like...but I and Elise we turned him into a decent person. A man that I would be proud to call family. So without further ado, please welcome the man on the hour...Jason…

    Slowly he walks out from the back in a suit wearing a red/purple half mask with horns protruding from the forehead. He meets the Frye's on the stage and hugs them before he receives the microphone. Slowly a laugh begins to leak out of Jason's mask and it become loud and frantic…

    *looks at Arno* name is Jason no more. *looks back toward the party* Jason was the name of a man who was ignorant to the true ways of world,Jason...was a failure. No longer shall I be branded a failure!* opens his arms out wide* me Judas Frye...the man that'll kill the Gods!

    The party begins to clap and cheer for Judas as he basks in his new found self. Arno takes the microphone from him and calls for the party to continue on. Elise jumps down from the stage and dances into party as Arno and Judas remain on stage sharing a laugh. The camera pans to a close of the two. They acknowledge the camera and stare into it.

    IWT...I'm coming...
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