Storyline Junk Mail

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  1. The camera fades open and we see Dat Kid overlooking Manhattan from his Penthouse suite. Kid, who's wearing an IW3 bathrobe turns to the camera, holding mail in his hand. He walks over the the living area where the camera is and sits in his $8,000 massage chair, which dispenses a pina colada.

    Bills, Nobel Peace Prize Nomination, TNH IWT Veteran Fund, and a postcard from Rio Nakayama.

    Kid throws all the mail in his fireplace.

    Mr. Nakayama, the IW3 accepts your challenge, under two conditions. You don't get to fight us after Civil War. Once Civil War ends, we're done with you and the rest of the Scrub Club. If you want to fight one of us it's going to be at Vice and I won't take you up on your offer the television title, because chances are you won't be walking out with the belt, I mean, being Bullad Club's weak link and all.

    The second condition is you don't get to know which one of the three you get to face until you're in the ring at Vice. You said you wanted to play russian roulette, i'll indulge you, but I'm just warning you...the gun's fully loaded.

    Jesus Wept.

    The camera dollies out of Kid's penthouse as the door slams shut.
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