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    The match finishes, and as the announcers begin to speak on the next match, the Titantron erupts as Aids Johnson is shown in his personal locker room, before walking out and heading towards the entrance.

    Aids walks out of the curtain and towards the entrance as the crowd chants "Overrated," prompting a quick stop at the top of the ramp to smirk before heading down to the ring. Aids slides in, grabbing a microphone.

    Cut my newest and current music. I have waited days for an announcement from our staff/creative/the board here and even have given the GM of IWT, whoever that currently is, enough time to address the situation with the Elimination Chamber match before Wrestlemania 3, where I regain my footing in this company which will be referred to as the "AidsWT3."

    I'm constantly put in matches with my back to the wall, and I always have been. I signed up here facing off with 5 other talents in a match most would be lucky to have, it was a 6 man match for the first IWT title. I finished far from contendership. I moved forward, losing in multiple matches without ever being pinned before FINALLY my friend and "protoge" (aids uses quotations) Dat Kid gave me a shot for his contention. I beat him, went on to beat Senhor Perfect, another great friend of mine, before deciding this company was a bag of shit waiting for its way out of the sewer.

    I returned and....well fuck my history lesson, but to cut this trash short I have always followed the rules here. Most champions choose their matches, and while they play it safe I chose to give future hall of famers the likes of Joey Bryant *Crowd pop* a chance to shine, not once, not twice, but three times. And in thanks? Last year I spent the elimination chamber in a 6 man match for MY title while the others chose their victims. I lost and was begged to waste my rematch clause at WM so the match would be high profile.

    And what do I get? What does Aids ever get? A clusterfuck. I am waiting to hear who I will be facing in just a few weeks time, and once again the IWT staff is no where to be seen, adding nothing worth hearing. I don't care if it's Gav the fucking Chav, Dat Kid, One of "the big guys," Aiden, or even Jonathern himself....but I do know one thing.

    I know the title will not be on the line at EC, because Christian has favor among the backstage crowd. Forget what you heard, listen and learn you fair weather sons of bitches. Aids Johnson is going to come out in the Elimination Chamber, he is going to decimate the opponents involved, you all will tune in to see it, and I am going to Wrestlemania.

    The only question really is: When will the idiots in power tell us who have earned a job? Hell, at this point I am not even announced for the match, so come out you cowards.

    @Gav the Champ! @Trip in the Head It's time to face forward, and tell your superior what your plans for the future are.

    *Aids turns towards the entrance, waiting in anticipation of a response, before adding* I can wait all day, and all night.

  2. Nick walks out to everyone's surprise. He strolls down the ramp and into the ring, microphone in hand.

    "I used to be just like you, Aids. Complaining about creatives inactivity. I hated it. Anytime something went wrong, I would say, 'Fuck you Jono, stop eating Domino's' or 'Fuck creative, I could do so much better!' I don't know if you know, but I'm in creative too."

    "Now maybe, has it ever occurred to you, we are still planning? We want the best thing possible for the IWT, and that takes time. You'll just have to deal with that. My biggest issue with all of this, is that you blame us. Something I used to constantly do. When I joined the staff, I realized complaining is wrong. IWT has always been individual driven. We want people to invent themeselves their own characters, their own stories, their own legacies. And if someone needs help, they need to come to us. And to my knowledge, not a single person has said, 'Hey Nick, can you come help me with a feud? Or Nick got any ideas?' Nobody has done that. This isn't a message to just you, Aids Johnson.

    This is a message to the entire IWT. The job of an IWT Creative member is a tough job and a thankless job. We do what we think is best for this e fed and when something goes right, we go unnoticed. But when something goes wrong, everyone blames us. We have very little role in IWT - it's all the competitors that make the magic happen. Not us. We get criticized for not doing anything when nobody comes to is. Hell, I doubt ANYONE in IWT knows the full creative group. Just for future reference, it's Delik, Trip in the Head, Jwab, Stopspot, Butters, Gav the Chav and myself. If you have an issue, tell the rest of us - not just Trip and Delik. I want to help make
    IWT a better fed, but it's hard for me to when everyone asks them and not us.

    Now to answer your questions after all this ranting, we are not ready. If you have any ideas or want to hear some, talk to me personally. But until the card is released, you're just gonna have to wait and deal with it just like everyone else.

    4th wall break lol. This is kind of an OOC post at the same directed to you all. I thought creative would be enjoyable, but it's not when nobody collaborates with me and nobody votes. We work hard (yes even Jono you assholes) and I do think some criticisms are undeserved.
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  3. OOC: oi @Gav the Champ! - tell this cheeky **** whats up in character, would ya?
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  4. @Nickelodeon said it better than I could. As much as that was in character, it's 100% truth.

    Also this was a shit promo Aids, like most of your lately. Just hyping yourself up, to lose again. You seem to do that a lot.

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  5. OOC: I have been making feuds and possible matches backstage, it wasn't a real complaint or demand in any way/shape/form lol.

    If you think i'm hyping myself up to lose, Jono, maybe now is the right time to step up.
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  6. :nope: - simply because you want it so bad :dawg:
  7. Haha, you sound like a girl who doesn't want to give it up. Prude.
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  8. I'd rather face Dat Kid, CM Punk, or Gav tbh, I just always like pointing out you'll never face me any time you critique my shit :stopspot:
  9. Well, in Jono's defense, he isn't a competitor.

    But your shit has been weak as of late, Aids.
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  10. I won't argue there, as long as you mean for the past like 8+ months.
  11. I'm talkin' past year... I'm talkin' the last good thing was before your promo for the EC.
  12. Says Jwab and Jono, you know, the two guys who ALWAYS had the best promos.....
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