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  1. I am making the threads up now so they are ready to go.
    Please look over the schedule in the WM Match Card thread so you know which day(s) you will be having promo matches. If you would like to change anything, let me know this weekend.

    Also, if you would like special stipulations, let me know as well, other wise I am going to do the stipulations & match types at random.

    Thankie :obama:

    Special Stipulation examples:
    -Ironman Match : Unlimited promos will only go for a given time limit & be closed.
    -No DQ : Anything goes (videos, music, pictures, unlimted promo cuts)
    -Video Only : Only video promos
    - Straight Up Match : Only text, one promo each (no videos, music, pictures, ect.)
    - Straight Up Match x2 : Only text, two promos each (no videos, music, pictures, ect.)

    EDIT: I will just post the schedule here instead so you guys can just look it over easier.

    Schedule :

    Sunday, March 31st:
    Intercontinental Championship: @"Senhor Perfect" vs @"Victoria Justice" (Promo Battle)

    Monday, April 1st :
    European Championship : @baraa vs @failfaceftw vs @rodrigo (Triple Threat Promo Battle)
    United States Championship : @NanoRah14 vs @"Respect Gohan6425" vs @"dat kid from jersey" (Triple Threat Promo Battle)

    Tuesday, April 2nd :
    Cruiser-weight Championship : @"Lady Deathbane" vs @FailFaceFTW vs @NanoRah14 vs @Baraa (Fatal Four-Way Promo Battle)

    Wednesday, April 3rd :
    DX Championship : @"Senhor Perfect" vs @Rodrigo (Predictions Battle)
    Tag-Team Championships : Parker & Rodrigo (@geekgoddess and @Rodrigo) vs Team Canada (@"Senhor Perfect" & @"cm punk")

    Thursday, April 4th:
    Heavyweight Championship : @"CM Punk" vs @"Dat LeoFarooq Deathbane" vs @"Stopspot" (Triple Threat Promo Battle)

    Friday, April 5th :
    WWE Championship :mad:"Senhor Perfect" vs Number One Contender (@"Dat Kid From Jersey" or @AidsJohnson ) (Promo Battle)


    Also, note that all promos MUST be done by Saturday, April 6th at 10:00PM EST. They do not have to be done on these days, though I would like them to be.
    Voting will go from April 7th till April 9th BUT voting will begin on each thread as the battles are completed.

    The prediction battle (DX Championship Match) will be due on April 7th at 12:00PM though.
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  2. Do we need to agree with our opponents or we just post what we want and you will choose the stip u want ?
  3. The champ gets the final say but if they is no champ, you have to agree upon it with the people you are battling.
  4. I'll be in Senhor's corner for his match. :tough:
  5. :yay: Expect me to have your back during yours
  6. Okay... I'll put that down that you will be in his corner and he will be in yours which means you both can take shots, interrupt the match, and so on.
  7. I'll try to win Randy in my US match. I'll win that title at least
  8. I am going to make a few straight up matches, a DQ, a street fight... and so on. If anyone wants a specific one, please let me know in the next day or two. Like I said above, the champ has the last say so in the matter of stipulations but if a belt has not champ, then the stips must be agreed upon by the contenders (all must agree).
  9. Iron man for the WWE championship, match type 2 for the tag championships, match type 1 for IC title.
  10. The tag will consist of 4 promos, one from each person, is that cool?
    And I will stick Punk in your corner for both the WWE championship and the intercontinental match. He will be aloud to say things and interupt the match, but if he over does it he can get kicked out. Same with you, you will be in his corner for the HWC. As for the iron man... What time limit do you want? one hour?
  11. Don't tell me what I can do and can't do. :mad1:
    You're a part of the RAW Brand, I'm SmackDown.
  12. Yeah straight match X2 it's the right option.
  13. :mad2:

    There is no SmackDown. :pity::dawg:
  14. Can I have GG in my corner?
  15. Nitro* :mad:
  16. For the European Title? Sure.
    I am okay with that, and vice versa if she wants because you are tag groups.
  17. Need to talk with @baraa but ... The European title could be a straight match or straight match X2
  18. @failfaceftw as well. Its a triple threat match
  19. Yuhpp forgot about tagging him. Anyway , tags not working .
  20. Yeah, sounds good
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