Just a little drunk.

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  1. *We see the outside of a bar. It's dark outside, and the only is coming from the bar. Through the windows you can see a bunch of people chugging down beers, watching sports, and throwing darts. Suddenly the bar's front doors swing open and a man dressed in a black vest and black shorts stumbles from out of the bar. He stumbles and trips with every step. Finally the man turns around and reveals himself to the camera. It's Jasar Raid! He looks at the camera and lets out a sigh.*

    Raid: Good God, can't you people ever leave a guy alone? Can't you see that I'm drunk?! I mean, can't you see I'm kind of drunk!? Yeah, that's what I meant! What do you guys want from me anyway? Money, women, drugs, alcohol? I can get you a hook up if you need me too.

    *Raid pulls out a phone, presses some numbers and puts the phone to his ear. He waits a couple of seconds and then begins to talk.*

    Raid: Hey Johnny, I got a job for you! I got a guy who's in the need of a "hookup" if you know what I mean? What do you mean you don't know what I mean? A hookup Johnny, a hookup! Drugs Johnny, Drugs! It's everyday with you! Listen, just bring the drugs to the usual place and I'll meet you there.

    *Raid hangs up and puts the phone away. He starts laughing hysterically.*

    Raid: The look on your face is priceless! I didn't even press call, plus, I don't even know a Johnny. If I could kill my parents to see your face again, I'd so do it. I'm just kidding, my parents are already dead from the terrible fire I "accidentally" started.

    *The camera man slowly backs up.*

    Raid: Got you again! I don't even know where my parents are, I haven't seen them in twenty two years. You want to know why that's so funny? It's because I'm twenty two years old! You know what, you know what, I'm off track aren't I. I'm guessing I should say something about IWT, so here you go. You want to know why I'm so drunk? It's because I've been playing a drinking game. It's called "chug down a beer every time someone talks about the future, somebody elses junk, or complains about something stupid." It's great, you're bound to get hammered. Anyway, I've got a hot blonde I want to get back too. We should do this again sometime. Actually you should stick around me for a while. I show you everything you need to know about me. What's your name again? Johnny? Huh, seems familiar. Anyway, follow me.

    *Raid turns around and walks back into the bar. The cameraman walks behind him, and when they enter the bar, the camera cuts off.*
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  2. OOC: Sounds like "Marcus Anthony" is back to his old drunk ways lol
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