Just a reminder to the X-Division

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  1. *Adam walks out to the ring like Austin Aries, He climbs in*​
    Theres a lot of talk backstage about the current X-Division and its champion, The main topic is who the next No.1 Contender is, But thats not the focus, The focus is the blockbuster match that will go down, The match will 2 months build up going into one of the biggest PPVs this year, This match will be named match of the year and I dont want any of these puny little bitches like JwabTV or Eddy335 or the worst of em all FailFaceFTW ! None of you are getting your hands on that shot at Summerslam and I want to remind you, You all seem to have a lot of talk about how you will take the X-Division title but im telling you, I have it in my contract and its will be a ONE ON ONE MATCH I TELL YOU! None of you will be entered and none of you will steal my spotlight and my title, This will be locked in writing that no one else but me and the X-Division champion will compete. Now I want all of youto remember this, Anyone of you think you can beat me step right up to it but im reminding you I will face for the title, Not you and dont fucking forget it.​

  2. The arena's lighting goes into a dark shade of purple and Suicide's theme hits:​
    Fog spouts from the stage,Suicide emerges from the entrance way,he looks around at the crowd,gets a mixed reaction,smiles,and, makes his way to the ring. Suicide walks up the steps,jumps into the ring,and, locks eyes with Adam. The arena's lighting reverts back to it's original form.​

    Suicide smirks as he holds a mic near his mouth. "I have the right to become the No.1 contender for the X-Division title for I just beat the champ himself. If you think the shot at that title is your's then you're sadly mistaken. You want to be the No.1 contender? Prove you earn it by facing me,right here,right now."​

  3. *Adam laughs*​
    Oh yeah, Your new around here, I will be facing Farooq at Summerslam because I beat my tag team partner at Extreme Rules for that right so please dont make me laugh again.​

  4. *Suicide smirks*​
    "Are you serious? You think a little win over your friend gave you the right to face the champ for the title? I actually beat the champ,in my debut nonetheless,you've never even came close to beating him. Be a man,don't be a cowardice person and fight me." ​

  5. *Joel Rain comes out to loud cheers, he has a microphone in hand and stands on the stage*

    Adam, Adam, Adam. Let's face it. Suicide does have a right to challenge. He did DEFEAT the X-Division Champion, also my tag team partner, that is something you have yet to do. Believe me, I don't like either of you, but I don't like you especially, so I'm gonna help Antonio out a bit. So I say we have another match to determine the REAL #1 Contender for the X-Division Championship! What do you say to that Adam?

  6. *Enters from the crowd with a leather jacket and a kendo stick, and comes up behind Joel Rain*

    *Grabs the mic from his hand and starts talking*

    Now that I've got everybody's attention, I'd like to tell both of you that you are wrong. I don't know if you notice but I've got a match for the X-Division title at MITB. But that's not important. What's important is...

    *Whacks Suicide over the head with the Kendo Stick*

    That. And now, I'm out.

    *Leaves ring, heads to the back*

    OOC: I do have a title match at MITB: http://wweforums.net/threads/calling-out-the-new-x-division-champion.25723/
  7. OOC: Can we just attack people like that?
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  11. OOC: I won a No.1 Contenders match at ER and I got to chose when the match happened
  12. *Jwab comes in w/ Alias Antonio*
    Jwab: You knOW what Adam, You have been avoiding me for too long! You owe me a match! Me vs. You! Are you gonna have the match? Or are you gonna run away from your fate? *smiles*
    OOC - You said on Skype that we are having a match. You never made it.
  13. OOC: You can attack, but don't knockout your opponent soon, and respect the times. Don't execute your finisher too soon and if they hit you with their finisher wait a bit to get back up again.
  14. *Jacob enters the ring with no music*​
    Hey, everyone seems to forget who deserves that title match. I was the first ever Cruiserweight Champion. And for those ones who don't know it, the CW Championship was merged with other titles to create this new X-Division title. I deserve to be the first contender and I'll become the first guy to defeat the X-Division champion. You can the cash in my dear partner but as you can see, I'm stronger than before and I will always be ready to have a fight and kick your ass if you try to get that title from me!
  15. OOC: Basically, Im facing the champ at Summersalme because I won the No.1 Contenders match at ER and Fail and Sack are facing him at MITB.
  16. OOC - What happened to our match brah?
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  19. OOC: You won the briefcase that you can cash in any day you want. It can even be after a match. It's like a MITB contract. You cash it any day you want and that makes you the number one contender. You can cash in after Farooq defeats Sackfist and FailFace if you want.
  20. OOC:Thanks for the confidence nano.