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  1. *A cameraman enters the PowerHouse gym in St.Louis and they spot Drake in the gym's ring towards the back doing situps with a spotter. The cameraman decides to approach them, and as he's getting closer he can hear the spotter counting the situps. 17!...18!...8,999!...9,000!...come on, you're over 9,000! Drake pops up as he sees the camera and dismisses his spotter.*

    Oh! Didn't see you come in there! I was just toning my abdomen for no special reason. It's just another day for me because I stay primed for battle. However, Survivor Series is right around the corner. My very first appearance at this huge Pay-Per-View as a matter of fact. And for such a special event we'll be taking on the IWT Champion and World Heavyweight Champion Joey Bryant. Whoops! I almost forgot, Joey actually lost the IWT title to Gav the Chav! I thought that was just a dream for a moment. Now it's just more or less a never ending nightmare.

    Nevertheless, we'll be facing that makeshift team as far as I know since they did beat two former has-beens. But I'm not worried, and I'm almost positive Midas isn't either. That's because we're always ready, like I said earlier. We're primed for this. I'm just chomping at the bit to get my hands on Bryant again. Gav too, honest! And once you enter the Lion's den there is no escaping. I'm going to prey on the two of them and pounce when they're at their weakest. They won't even see it coming, they never do.

    *Drake acts as if he's about to leave, but lingers around to keep the cameraman waiting.*
    You know, Midas and I were actually debating on whether or not we should change our name to Lion King earlier. Not just because it's a great movie, because it is. But because we're going to show everyone just which champions really are the kings of the jungle.

    *He signals for the spotter, and the spotter runs out with a radio.*
    Hit my music!

    *Drake shakes his head and just starts to run the ropes as the scene fades to black.*
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