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  1. The camera come in to the IWT crowd cheering on mid-show. The camera pans over the fans and we can see the black titantron. A small flash of static appears on the screen, and the camera transitions into the scene. The static gets replaced by a dimly lit locker room. Poorly drawn chalk pictures are drawn on the walls of the room. We pan to the left to see a tall and thin man wearing a leather trench coat and leather plague mask. He is sitting on a bench and holds a black cane with both hands. This man takes a small look to the corner, where a giant muscular behemoth sits, playing with IWT official wrestling action figures, and then turns to looks into the camera.

    Such an innocent creature, happily leaving without a care in the world.

    The man gives a deep growl.

    Such a naive creature, with a mind broken, unable to realize the true blight that this world brings... but it's okay. Edward!

    The man slams his cane on the ground, and the giant manchild quickly stands up.

    Yes Doc?

    The Doctor calls Eddy to him using his hand, and the beast comes without resisting. The Doctor grabs him by the beard and pulls Eddy towards himself.

    Look at him. Edward has been rejected by society for over 40 years, all for something he can't control. His hopes - crushed - his heart - damaged - his mind - shattered, cursed by the gods for no reason, but I say once more, it's okay. Soon, Edward, I will fix you, all we must do is put together the puzzle of your soul. It is too bad we don't have the pieces... yet.

    The Doctor releases Eddy and growls once more.

    Every time we victimize another enemy, every time we defeat another foe, we gain a piece to this puzzle. Dylan Gray... He was just another cog in the machine. Slowly, we will solve this puzzle, but we must collect all of our pieces. First, we need a target.

    The Doctor look down and takes a moment to think. He gives a small chuckle and looks back up.

    Eric Draven... I see no use for you, expect to be pointless grind fauter. Now now, Mr. Draven, do not take this a challenge, take it as a threat. Say your goodbyes, because whether or not you like it, we are coming for you. If you think you can stop your imminent fate...

    I would love the entertainment.

    The two stare into the camera and Eddy crooks his head with a smile. The Doctor slams his cane on the floor once more, and the camera instantly cuts to black.

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  2. * The arena darkens as a video appears on the titantron, the words live flash across the screen before dimming. The video shows two chairs placed facing each other in a dimly lit warehouse. Eric Draven walks into the shot wearing a Team IWT jersey.*

    ED #1: The good doc, I appreciate the challenge of you and your delightful pet sasquatch however I'll have to de..... wait, what are you doing here?

    * A second version of Eric Draven walks into the shot, wearing the same jersey as the first except this one has the letters IWT scratched out and replaced with Draven*

    ED #2 : So you're just going to pussy out again Eric, if that even is our real name.

    *ED #2 turns towards the camera and mouths the following*

    ED #2 : Someone look it up, I can't remember.

    ED #1 : Listen It wasn't me that cost us the match at IWTMania, it was you with your constant rage at Dylan Grey.

    ED #2 : It felt good to hit him in the face though didn't it. We should have won though, it's like something was written in the stars that we'd lose that day.

    *ED #2 turns and winks towards the camera*

    ED #2 : Still though Dylan my boy I'll be back for you shortly don't threat. Onto you however Mr Draven. You've cost us for far too long, now I must end you.

    *ED #2 stands up and begins to walk towards ED #1. A third generation of Eric Draven rushes into the shot wearing a tshirt with the words New Generation plastered across the front *

    ED # 3 : Listen here babies, listen here I understand we've been going through a variety of dips ohhh so many dips and even a few peaks daddy.

    * Draven #3 steps between the two other iterations of Draven. *

    ED #2 : Wait, this is too much nutjob even for me. Wait I can play myself for reals now?

    ED # 3 : I am the part of you which you let only let out with the sweet sweet tender nectar of whiskey and tequilla daddy. The part which convinced you that trip to Taiwan with those.....

    ED # 1 : That's enough. Listen we need to focus on what the good doctor and Eddy are going to do with us, to us and how we are going to combat it.

    ED # 2 : I'm still chasing Dylan, I need to consume his world. My energy is focused.

    ED # 1 : I know in my state Eddy is too much, too strong and too powerful.

    * ED #1 and ED #2 both turn to ED #3 and point to him *

    ED #3 : OOOOh daddy looks like we gotta a democracy going here baby. Play my music because....

    * All three versions of Draven turn towards the camera and say in unison. *

    Three faces of Draven : WE'RE COMING !

    * The video cuts out as the crowd builds anticipation towards Draven's entrance. *

    Draven # 3 walks out wearing a straw hat, his New Generation shirt and white trousers.*

    ED : Hey what's up Doc? Where are you baby? I'm here to talk talk talk all night long. Come on baby bring Eddy and remember no eye contact and no one can question us baby.
  3. The camera sees Eric Draven standing in the middle of the ring in his straw hat, his New Generation shirt and white trousers. All of the lights in the arena blackout, and the Titantron shows The Doctor standing in the demolished locker room of Eddy. Eddy is staring straight into the camera while the liontamer stands is front and center. We can see him squinting through the holes in his mask.

    I… I… I don't exactly understand what I just saw. I mean… I've seen some horrible and nightmarish things growing up, I've seen the horrible things humans can do to one another, but… there must be a special place in hell for lunatics like you.

    The Doctor recomposes himself.

    I guess it means we're doing good by tearing you to bloody pieces, over, and over, and over until you don't have the ability to speak any longer, saving this world of a living hell from even more torture.

    The Doctor sighs.

    However, before we go any further, I must apologize. Even somebody like you deserves to know the name of their demise… My name, good sir, is Dr. Cyrus Occult. Consider this piece of information as a gift, because that will be the only good thing that we will give you.

    Dr. Occult growls.

    Unless you're a masochist as well.