Just not a fan of Storm any more.

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  1. I used to dig Storm. Not one of my favourites, but was definitely a factor on the show I was excited for. Now though, I just don't like his segments. I dislike his promos because it just feels like he's constantly shouting, and that bothers me as he already has a microphone to make his voice louder. His matches are fine, but he just feels pretty irrelevant at the moment. Sure, a lot of it comes down to booking, but last night I just couldn't wait for his segment to end.

    Is Storm's decline due to booking, Storm himself, or does no such decline exist? What's your opinion on Storm?
  2. To me it seems like he is very unmotivated right now. It might be the stop-start pushes that are taking their toll. Storm was one of those guys that were primed to be main eventers, with the fortune angle, the BFG series, the Roode rivalry. All these included pushing Storm in some form of another. Hogan is reportedly also high on him but for some reason James is always pushed back down the card. Hell, the AJ story right now is the most relevant he has been in a long time and even then he is just a third wheel behind AJ, Hogan and possibly even the Aces, which would make him a fourth wheel. TNA seems to just stick him where there is room and let him do the same thing. Arrive, superkick, beer leave.

    If TNA were willing to commit to a push for the guy in some form I am sure he would be more motivated to perform. If not a change of scenery might be in order.
  3. I don't see a problem with his performance in all honesty his booking is one step above terrible though, it seems to be whenever they have a random segment that needs filling they just throw him in. However the teased reformation of Fortune I did enjoy, It won't happen but for a one off it could have been good. Also his delivery is fine IMO, nothing outstanding but that's how he's done things it's just his style.
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  4. I still like Storm, enjoy his matches and promo delivery is pretty much his style to shout and all. But yeah, he's been booked terribly recently.
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  5. He seems to be getting fatter and lazier. It's my opinion that he let his title run go to his head and now he has some sort of feeling of entitlement. To me he'll always be a great tag team wrestler. I never got behind his character as a singles performer.
  6. TNA built this guy up for a whole year, he was on the clear fast track to becoming TNA's top face. At Bound for Glory he was made, but within the change of plans for TNA they couldn't follow that up and he got lost in the Aries/Hardy shuffle as they became the new main-event stars ahead of him (understandably so). So after Turning Point his character was completely castrated after Turning Point (another thing where "in the background" it was about AJ Styles having a reason to get pissed at Storm but what we saw was Storm being exposed as a really stupid guy) and he's never recovered.

    After all that build, for him to tumble down the card the way he has... it's no surprise neither us nor him want to get invested in the character any more.

    Actually enjoy his shouting promos and enjoy his decent work, but again he's just so overshadowed.
  7. He is having matches just like some other guys in WWE, some hard kicks, big spots and then the match is over, I think he has to do some new moves or just don't wrestle, they are giving him a lot of things to him
  8. My problems with him are all booking at this point. I don't see why the FUCK he and AJ wrestled last fucking week. Pathetic. That match should have been built up to for Slammy.
  9. +1

    Storm seems to be the guy who "can't win a big match", even though he is a former TNA World Champion. I like the guy a lot, just book alright. But I see why people are calling him irelevant, totally.
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