Just thinks of this....

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  1. If John Cena and Daniel Bryan get married to the Bella Twins
    then that will be relative!

    :no: :no: :no: ! THIS CAN'T NOT HAVE BEEN!
  2. Just how would this effect our daily lives exactly?
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  3. idk? but it is creerie just thinking about it.
  4. So if two people who love each other, can't get married because you don't want the husbands to be brothers in law? Seriously, grow up. If they do become brother in laws, so what? It's not gonna be Daniel Bryan getting married(or hell it might be), it'll be Bryan Danielson. Just because you don't like two wrestling characters, doesn't mean they can't be married in real life.

  5. uh? I do like Daniel Bryan i am a huge fans of him! Its cena I hate!
  6. So you hate John Cena as a person?

  7. uh? never meet him before!
  8. Then why can he not get married in real life to someone who he might love?
  9. Uh, yet ok? Cena and Bryan are enemies they ashley should not ever be related. :happy:
  10. Daniel Bryan related to Cena, marks and smarks will finally be united. It's a fun thought
  11. Why does everyone seem to hate cena? he aint that bad and if they both get married to one of the twins fair play to them they are very attractive ladies.
  12. He can't rassle
  13. He can, go look at his older matches.

    But, I like Cena as a person and I'm starting to like him as a wrestler. This is most likely going to happen and who's really gonna care? Only a handful of idiots.
  14. He can do a few moves and i think people would like him better if he was still a rapper, i feel abit sorry for him though because whatever he does no one likes him and you can tell he takes the bad fan reaction to heart and a couple of years ago everyone loved him i just think people are a little bored of him as for a few years the wwe didnt have anyone else that was really drawing as they pretty much lost the rock, stone cold and brock lesnar at the same time.
  15. I was kidding. He's just stale and being hives down our throats is all.