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  1. *A camera zooms in on an already in-ring Alias Antonio, covered with stitches around his face, mic in hand. He has a regular expression, with a touch of felicity albeit and is sporting his usual attire. The crowd start chanting Alias' name, as he slowly leans against the ropes. As the chants simmer down, Alias commences to speak*

    Last night, each and everyone of you witnessed history as IWT's anniversary show occured, filled with fantastic matches from top to bottom. One of those fantastic matches was myself vs. Ben Dover in a hardcore submission match, which I can say with my hand in my heart, the best and most brutal match I've ever taken part in. It included everything such as superb mat work, intense moments showcasion both of our power, a great crowd behind us, and of course, the awesomely violent moments. Like I said would, I made Ben Dover TAP like the bitch he is. Insults aside Ben, you earned my respect, and I'm sure you earned the peoples respect out here. Our chemistry is unsurpassable, great stuff.

    Now that one chapter of my career is over, a new one swiftly begins. And I'd just like to say that I'm reconstructing my career, for a stronger and better Alias Antonio. What's next for me is the Royal Rumble, and all my focus will mainly be in winning that match next month to main event Wrestlemania!
    But the first step in rebuilding my career is renewing my own mind, forget about the past. So.....I'd like to let bygones be bygones with a former enemy of mine.

    Rhod, I'm not saying we have to like eachother, I'm just calling you out so we can shake hands man to man, and respect eachother like we should. I know you can do this. Come out.

    *Alias awaits a response*

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  2. *The Crowd chants "Rodriiigooo, Rodrigooo*
    What can I say Alias? First of all, congrats for your win last night. You were impressive. As always.
    *Rodrigo stares at Alias, then smirks*
    I think I've said it before, but I will say it one more time. I have a big respect for you. That's the truth. I wont say I've always had that respect. At first I didnt like you or anyone that had something to do with the Cure. I just thought that you were annoying, just trolls. I thought all you wanted was to hurt this company. Not even to make a name for yourselves, just to hurt it. You caused a big impact. You wrote a part of the history of the IWT. The Cure. At first, your wins were...weird, but, by NOC, everyone knew that you guys deserved all you've won. You were simply better. And that's the truth. You were better than me at SummerSlam and at BattleGround. Once I was beaten by you I understood the fact you were better. And then, I realised the importance of having you in the IWT roster. You're fresh and talented. You bring stuff that anyone else have.
    I've dislike you for a long time. I know we've disliked each other. But you know what we, the spaniards say "Año Nuevo, Vida nueva".
    *Rodrigo shakes Alias hand*
    *Crowd pop*
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  3. *Alias smiles blithely and puts his arm around Rhod*

    Maybe, maybe one day, me and you can have a match, a fair and clean match, I know we'll have it champ.
    Gracias amigo.

    *Alias gives it up for Rhod, lifts up his arms, and consequently leaves*