Just watched under the red hood

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by seabs, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. And enjoyed it greatly, anyone know of a similar kind of thing to watch? Doesn't have to be Batman, just something similar in style.

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  2. What's this?
  3. A animated Batman movie hailed as one of the best Batman movies in modern time.
  4. Wow as if I don't know about it considering I own most of the animated Batman films! Hmmm finding it now!
  5. Re: RE: Just watched under the red hood

    Its a great watch, the voice work is great especially on the Joker.

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  6. I heard the guy who voices The Joker, is the guy who does Bender from Futurama? Joe Di Magio?
  7. It is yeah, also has NPH in a minor role as Night wing.

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  8. Ah, I may look into this, I love Batman. I've never watched any of the animated stuff though.
  9. Seabs you seen the older animated Batmans? Mask of the Phantasm and Sub Zero are great.
  10. Mask of the Phantasm is awesome not seen sub zero as not on R2 DVD but think I have it downloaded somewhere.

    And ordered under the red hood.
  11. I have Batman: Year One, I haven't seen it yet. Does anyone know if it's any good?
  12. Nope, never really been into animated movies tbh. Read a few comics recently and wanted to get more into Superhero stuff. I'll DL them two though thanks.
  13. @[Lacky] & @[Seabs] Batman year one the animated one is also great. Highly recommended.
  14. When it comes to comic book movies I am your guy. Justice League crisis on two earths is also a good watch.
  15. Thanks, I have the DVD. But haven't seen it, I might watch later. :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. Stop which would be the best Justice League movie to start with? And how many are there?

    As I really want to get into them!